Nameless NBA Rogues to North Korea with Rodman



                    Crackpot to the Despot

Believe it or not (and we are believers): there are six men dumber than Dennis Rodman in the field of basketball. What? Only six? And, Dennis Rodman is indignant that anyone has challenged his intelligence-challenged friendship with a notorious psychopathic head of state.

They are following Rodman to North Korea to play for the despot who murdered his uncle just a few weeks ago. This time Rodman is organizing birthday fun. You can pin that tail on Dennis Rodman, folks.

At least one of the men on the trip must be a CIA plant, which may not bode well for the others if Kim Jung Un gets a little drunk and decides to use anti-aircraft guns on the losers.

You may ask what kind of imbecile thinks going to North Korea as basketball ambassadors is a good idea.

These are your standard NBA flopperoos. They are the men who have fathered multiple children with multiple wives. They are the men who have been in trouble with the law for drinking and driving. They are the men who have been suspended in the NBA for drug usage.

Yes, this motley crew is not an unexpected aggregate of publicity hounds and dogs in a manger.

Rodman insists he is laying groundwork lifelong friendship with a man who’d off him in a bad mood. What kind of needs does Rodman have when he must befriend a short, fat, dumpy psycho drunk with power?

The enablers of the NBA have put this clown in the Hall of Fame in Springfield. There is no hue and cry about Rodman’s misjudgment. Indeed, there is more animosity toward Edward Snowden than to Rodman.

We expect a bad end in double overtime on this case.


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