Whatever Happened to Agatha?

DATELINE:  1979 Vanessa Redgrave Movie

 agatha:vanessa Redgrave with Hoffman

The biopic movie about the mysterious disappearance of Agatha Christie remains a fairly puzzling non-explanation as can be found.

In Agatha, the Michael Apted movie is scruptiously produced and has big stars of the day in the key roles:  Timothy Dalton, fresh off James Bond, as Captain Christie, the unloving husband who drives his wife to distraction—and Dustin Hoffman as a no-nonsense American journalist who is hot on the trail of the missing mystery writer.

Vanessa Redgrave’s eyes steal the picture as the writer. Willowy, she is hardly like the real Agatha  who was a well-fed Miss Marple type. However, there are hints to indicate this is the same methodical writer who produced so many classics of fiction. Dame Agatha seems to apply her writing habits to orchestrating a disappearance that is inexplicable.

Mrs. Christie actually left her child for eleven days—and was dealing with her mother’s death at the time of her strange disappearance. Neither of these points is made in the movie.

All in all, the viewer is led to believe this was an insensitive publicity stunt, though the writer may have wanted to punish her husband who is having an affair—and Agatha may be researching how to do in her husband’s paramour.

Hoffman is physically dwarfed by the tall, elegant Redgrave, but he gives a sharp performance. However, he too seems to send mixed messages as to his real motives as Wally Stanton, a deceptive investigator. If the real Stanton looked like Hoffman, Christie would have seen her model for Hercule Poirot, a role Hoffman might have played with more relish.

Ultimately, this fictional theory about the incident of Christie’s weird disappearance is about as unsatisfying as you could give the audience.

Along the way, the performances are meant to distract and impress. Indeed, they do. If Christie had plotted this script, she would have done a better job.

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Bruce Jenner & Renee Richards Make the Cut


DATELINE: Cutting Irony

ImageWhen your sports stars make big decisions, there is no half way to the winner’s circle.

Word has filtered out among the cognoscenti in the sphere of yellow journalism that Bruce Jenner is considering a sex change operation.

This would certainly boost ratings on the sagging Kardashian show. Perhaps a blow-by-blow, cut-to-chase reality experience of changing your sex will resurrect everyone’s career.

Better yet, Bruce Jenner (a man once on the box of Wheaties) has gone all mushy in recent years. Nowadays he is mostly on the box of botox.

His endless plastic surgeries have now gone beyond anything the late Michael Jackson may have competed on.

We also have learned that former tennis champ, and lady-in-waiting, Renee Richards will serve love all as Jenner’s sex change coach. We had no idea that one needed coaching on that fork in the road.

Richards even enjoyed a second career in her sport—and a television movie with Vanessa Redgrave playing her as both a man and a woman. Actors (actresses) are already lining up for the audition to play Jenner.

Jared Leto could pull it off, but the more boyish actresses out there may want first crack at the role.

It will be a TV movie for sure—and may be a movie harder to watch than seeing a camel stick her toe through the eye of a needle.

As a foreshadow of the big changes to come, Jenner had his Adam’s apple pared down in a recent operation to a size more befitting one of the three faces of Eve.

Old sports never die; they undergo the knife.