Clothes Unmake the Man; Edelman in Mufti

DATELINE: Living DangerouslyFeatured image

Julian Edelman continues to live with the middle name “Danger.” Halloween has brought JE11 to the dreaded Day of the Dead Ringer.

It is not his on field heroics that make him a daredevil. Oh, no, he is now flirting with the self-destructive flames that finally engulfed Wes Welker.

If this weekend’s drag costume is any indication, we are wishing he could go back to the thrilling days when he dressed up as a Nevada State Trooper in tight shorts as his Halloween impersonation. Mufti may suit Edelman, but his suit is a longshot this time.

This year Tom Brady may take two steps away from Edelman, and he may give the prized seat on the bench next to the star QB to Danny Amendola, whose insanity does not translate into poking a stick at Bill Belichick.

If someone wants to give Edelman a cache of old Welker tapes showing his various antagonisms of the Head Coach, this might be a blessing—or it may already be too late. Julian Edelman wishes he were Bill Belichick, and perhaps one day he will be a coach in the NFL. We do not think he will be coaching for Bill Belichick any time soon.

Dressed in drab gray like the notorious Hoodie Himself, Edelman has not only found the fashion gravitas to imitate his coach. He has used the Method actor’s technique to channel the personality into the cut-off sleeves and semi-attached headphone.

Perhaps imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or perhaps flattery is imitation’s sincerity.

Julian Edelman deserves an extra Snickers in his candy grab bag for this audacious twist. Those who are about to die will probably salute Julien Edelman—all others will run for the hills.

Tom Brady Throws a Scare on Halloween


Featured imageTom, is that you?

How can we compete with the humor of Tom Brady?

What does the star quarterback of the New England Patriots do on his off-day during a short week? Well, if it’s Halloween on the calendar, Brady is up to some masked hijinks. Check it out in our highlight.

Don’t ask who that masked man is in the Whole Food grocery store chain?  We can show you that right here. He put his autograph in a canister of candy for a lucky buyer.

Okay, it is a paid promotional stunt, but it still manages to be head and shoulders above Peyton Manning trying shove an extra piece of pizza down your throat, or Aaron Rogers attempting to escape his nemesis and stalker, the Cheesehead guy/girl.

Walking into a public supermarket and not being accosted is likely a rare experience for Brady. And only on the days before Halloween can he likely do it, wearing an oversize head that likely would be a tight fit for Richard Sherman, Sheldon Richardson, or Chris McCain.

Brady has posted his trick to his usual haunt, the Facebook page where he deposits most of his funny stuff.

We are almost tempted to run to the local emporium and snag a couple of buckets of healthy candy. Would Brady endorse anything less than that?

If he wears that mask during the game on Thursday, we believe a whole bunch Dolphins will swim back to Miami.

With the remnants of Hurricane Patricia about to descend on Gillette Stadium, Tom will whip up his own storm of touchdowns. We saw online the other day that “Gronkowski” is Polish for touchdown.

As we said at the start, our whimsy can’t compete with reality.