Thundering Hooves, Heaves, and Heavens


Loki & Thor Together Again

Though we frequently groan at the prospect of another superhero movie, we actually wanted to see the Norse demigods again in their sequel. We should have rented The Avengers instead.

Thor: the Dark World reunites Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins as Thor’s parents, Frigga and Odin. But, mostly we wanted to savor Loki, his evil younger brother, played deliciously malevolent by Tom Hiddleston who impressed us a few years back as Kenneth Branagh’s sidekick on Wallender.

And, Hiddleston is the perfect foil for Chris Hemsworth’s stalwart Thor. Throw in Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and you have a bonfire of the gods of acting. Adewale impressed us years ago on Oz, the HBO prison drama.

The film provides some silly reason for Thor to return to Earth to show off his pecs and abs. Now if he only had a hammer to hide under his tunic.

Audiences may also feel like they have already seen the tiresome special effects here, which have become de rigueur for action cartoons of this ilk: dark, overblown, and unoriginal.

This film saves itself only with interesting actors bringing more than expected to the shenanigans. Yet, we are tormented by a villain race that requires subtitles. They talk like outtakes from Star Trek’s Klingon scenes.

Once again scientists behave like unprofessional fools that need “gods” to come to their rescue.

The plot is ponderous and plodding. A few well-delivered lines are not enough to save the movie. A steady diet of films like this will bring on early Hobbit’s disease.

Fantasy has overwhelmed science fiction and neutered mythology. See Thor: the Dark World to wallow in the results.