People’s Princess v. The Queen

 DATELINE: Ten Years Later

Queen & Country

As docudramas go, Helen Mirren’s movie about Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana is among the best.

Now ten years later, we took another peek at the film called merely The Queen, directed by Stephen Frears and written by Peter Morgan. It has that wry detail of Diana looking back at the Queen with an accusing stare.

We don’t know how the creators know what tears, angst, and emotions, were expressed when the Queen was alone.  Mirren provides all this and more. Yes, it surely makes an exciting and intimate film performance.

This is the best of Mirren’s many queen roles, and this is the best of Michael Sheen’s many Tony Blair roles. Blair has to save the Queen from herself and her noblesse oblige family. Mirren’s Queen is witty and ultimately practical, whether this is true of the real people in the movie or not.

Actors re-enacting surely provides powerful insights into the tragic event of Princess Di’s death and the reaction of Her Royal Pains in the afterlife.

We recognized an impressive Roger Allam this time, from his Endeavour TV series, playing the Queen’s personal assistant. James Cromwell is his usual acerbic character as Prince Philip.

Mirren has many stunning moments, such as her shock when the public applauds Di’s brother after giving her eulogy. The Queen’s speech left more to be desired, even with a great actress delivering the same words.

Goodell & The Most Dangerous Game


DATELINE: Big Game Player

 Featured imageGoodell & Most Dangerous Game

He looks like a juiced former athlete. In some circles, his bland good looks might be considered attractive, but he lost his chance to be an athlete before college, allegedly to injuries.

Instead, he went into public relations with the NFL—and even worked for the Jets for a time, Patriot fans.

You can find work like this when your father is a congressman and even once was appointed a United States senator from New York.

So he is out of four brothers and a successful father, a rather nonentity who finds his ego enhanced by taking on young athletes and meting out sado-masochistic punishments.

When you cannot be the best, you attack the best. It is the culture of mediocrity’s heart. Like the dentists who could not become real medical doctors and go on safari hunts to compensate for their inadequate lives.

Roger Goodell is big game hunting for the biggest star he can bag as his trophy.

That means you, Tom Brady. Anyone who makes a career out of nothing based on his own talents and sheer will soon becomes the target of the big game hunters like Goodell.

Amadeus had his Salieri, a second-rate composer who loathed Mozart’s talent. And, now, in modern America we have a counterpart in the NFL.

Playwrights like the brilliant Peter Morgan has delineated these celebrity encounters in The Queen, Frost/Nixon, and Rush.

He may have fresh material in the Brady/Goodell relationship.