Rajon Rondo May Win This Year’s ‘Angst’ Award


                                                    Garbo Award Winner Rondo Now In Running for ‘Angst’ Award

Rajon Rondo won’t say when he will return from ACL surgery by date, but he knows when he will be ready. Unfortunately, no one else does.

Rondo may find himself the next in line for the Rob Gronkowski Award for playing the Lady in Waiting to the Media.

If Rondo has paid attention to the hue and cry about Gronk’s long-awaited return, he knows that each year the Boston media selects someone to offer them the newly minted “Angst” award, given to the player who seems to milk his injury beyond anything predicted by the medical staff callers on the local radio talk shows.

The “Angst” has been given several times to Jacoby Ellsbury, and he may retire into the Boston Hall of Fame of long-gone injured players when Scott Boras takes this award to Seattle to show Ellsbury’s value.

The Red Sox also had a winner in David Ortiz last year. His Achilles tendon won the least supporting actor in the worst year that the Sox have had in a generation. As a reward for his award, Ortiz was given a two-year megacontract by Sox ownership. It has paid dividends.

Of course, Sox fans expected Mike Napoli to be this year’s leading candidate for the coveted “Angst” for his necrosis of the hips, but he confounded everyone by playing more games in a season than in his entire career.

So, it is time the award went to another sport. Danny Amendola was immediately handicapped as the second Patriot to win the accolades for missing nearly every game with the New England football team, making Belichick’s decision to cast off Iron Man Wes Welker look like Seward’s Folly.

The dark horse to succeed Gronk now turns out to be the mercurial Celtics star, Rajon Rondo. Playing coy and temperamental makes Rondo perhaps the most fascinating “Angst” nominee of the past few years.

Rondo is, of course, day-to-day, practicing and waiting for doctor’s clearance. This is the standard patter from every winner of the past decade.

Many have noted that Rondo has won the prestigious “Garbo Award” in Boston for several years running. The “Angst” will be given for not running.