Betting Your Tails on a Heady Chance: FanKings and DraftDuel

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BoyKings and FanDooDoo websites have been shut down in New York state.

And bettors are claiming they have real skills.

We have been trying to predict winners and losers on a weekly basis for years, but we have never been stupid enough to put money on it. However, many fans of many sports apparently are desperate for a quick fix or a get-rich opportunity.  They bet weekly, if not daily.

This once was considered an addiction. Now it is a skill.

If you look at the losers both fantasy betting companies use in their commercials, you’d be indignant that if those idiots can win millions, so can you. What a brilliant dodge: make young male bettors angry by showing nerds winning sports bets. BoyKings indeed.

Our experience is that each week the NFL has at least two or three upsets. By the nature of upset, you have an unexpected victor coming out of bad referee calls, or with overtime luck. Picking which team will upset the others is hardly a skill. It is sheer happenstance. You never know what team the officials will screw that week.

Are we betting on a fixed notion? You bet your life.

The unknown fate of injury during a game can change the complexion of a drive for points.  Your skill may be character based: like knowing which idiot football player will be suspended for illegal performance enhancing drugs, drag racing in his car, or beating the mothers of his many offspring. Good luck with that one.

FanDooDoo will do you in.