Special Celtics-Lakers Reunion

DATELINE: Yesteryear Lives Again!

KG in Rondo Jersey!

Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear.

Oh, there was a time when we wrote about Rajon Rondo weekly in Boston. Now, he is a bench point guard wth Lebron and the Unibrow. His old friend Dwight Howard is there, and so is Avery Bradley. And, today, they are playing the Celtics.

KG showed up at the game wearing an old Rondo Celtics jersey!

It is something special for sure. Before the game Kevin Garnett and Rondo were yucking it up before the Celtics bench—and Jayson Tatum, new superstar, sat there and watched with mouth agape.

This turned out to be a special game, with special intensity. It showed off Tatum and Jalen Brown and Marcus Smart to great effect. Romeo Langford, a nineteen-year old rookie who is usually deadpan, was clearly caught up in the emotions.

We had to laugh at the sight of Kevin Garnett snickering when Lebron was charged with an offensive foul, and Garnett kept intense attention at Rondo’s series of steals of Boston balls. They will be together in Boston next year when Garnett’s jersey is retired.

Paul Pierce is a commentator, and he too will join them.

The game took on playoff intensity, as the cliché always goes. Yet, there was something marvelous at a game in Los Angeles with all those celebrities filling seats.

Rondo is not beloved in Los Angeles, nor likely is Bradley. They were once the sworn enemies of the Lakers. It’s a hard pill to root for them now. Yet, the former Celts played with vengeance.

Does it matter what the final score turned out to be? We want these teams in the Finals.


Rajon Rondo Plays Kick the Cameraman

DATELINE:  Mercurial Garbo/Rondo at Work


We never let thousands of miles separate us for too long from our dear nemesis, Rajon Rondo.

This week, as a follow up to slurring a gay referee, Rondo took on the media itself in the form of a baseline camera confrontation.

Kick the camera seems to be the operative phrase. However, a few intrepid souls who saw Rondo’s sole insisted he nudged the camera with his foot.

The usually soulful Rondo played Garbo again, perhaps out of a sense of sentimentality, or maybe because it is the season to be jolly.

The kick-start was meant to force a ground level, baseline cameraman from NBC Sports to stop showing the pain and agony of defeat, as one of Rondo’s teammates was down on the court with injury.

De feet caused de sole to rise up in Rondo’s wrath.

Rondo may suffer from bunions and they kicked up on him.

We suspect that the oft-winner of the Garbo Temperament Award in Boston was not ready for his prime-time close-up in Sacramento.

It could also indicate that Rondo is considering a second career in soccer. We would advise him to use his head more often in that case.

Rondo may also be jealous of the attention now being afforded a new, younger star in another sport. Footman Oddsmell Beckham of the Giants would have used his helmet on the offending camera.

But, we want to assure Rondo: he still has it– from headcase to sole.

Jelly O’Sully: King of Celtics Leprechauns



The Gold Dust Twin: Jelly O’Sully

After missing half the season so far, Jelly O’Sully returns tonight. The tandem that has teammates bonding like Mantle & Maris, Rice & Lynn, Manny & Papi, will come back onto the Garden parquet floor.

Kelly Olynyk will be able to run the floor with Jared Sullinger against those pesky Knicks. Without Olynyk, the Celts sent the Knicks into the hot dog grille by 40+ points.

We know Jared Sullinger missed his fellow big man and big passing mirror over the ten games that Olynyk nursed his ankle sprain.

We keep seeing McHale and Bird whenever they are on the floor together. Call us star-struck—or far-sighted. T’is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Now will come the test of relish and mustard. How much will Olynyk contribute to beating down those Knickerbockers this night?

Kelly and Jared are like a Jelly donut with all that oozing delicious filling. When master chef Rajon Rondo joins them at the hot stove, we know that they will make a new Big Three.

We know that Doc Rivers, if he were still coaching the Celtics, would keep them under wraps on the bench. They’d not play for another year or two.

At this night’s game we also offer our Rajon fashion report. Rondo wore a high stiff black collar with white piping that looked like a bolo tie on steroids. He did not sit next to Kris Humphries, also in street clothes.

Sullinger led the Celtics in scoring and made some amazing dunks under the basket with two or three Knicks on his back.

The Jelly boys scored a combined double-double with points and rebounds. We await bigger things from Jelly O’Sully.


Celtics fans should have RAJON RONDO: SUPERSTAR and RAJON RONDO & THE GREEN NEBULA on their reading lists. Both books are available from Amazon.com.

Thanks, but No Tanks, Celtics


In Days of Yore: Kevin Garnett


A tree grows in Brooklyn, and Jason Kidd is looking to make sure it receives plenty of water. He has ordered cup holders for the Nets’ bench.

Gunga Din aside, the Celtics make their way to a reunion of sorts with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on this evening in Brooklyn. Win or lose, the sight of the former Celtics in Brooklyn uniform was heart-wrenching.

Since the Celtics roster is now almost totally different, the few players who actually know KG and Paul well are a handful: Rondo, Bass, Green, Bradley, and then some acquaintances and a few associates.

It is not much of a family reunion since the Prodigal Son is MIA and has played for the Miami Heat for the past few seasons. We wonder when the Big Three will once again be on the parquet floor of the TD Garden together. It may be a while.

In the meantime, Celtics fans will keep a hawk eye upon Jason Kidd as the concessionaire comes around with cold drinks. He may throw cold water on the Celtics’ little rally into first place. It would be like tossing water onto the Wicked Witch of the West.

In the meantime, Rondo wore a flashy robin red vest that attracted Kevin Garnett who came over to the Celtics bench to give the obligatory hug to his little buddy.

When Pierce and Garnett played, they didn’t seem old or worn out. They were juiced up for the encounter. Paul came into the game to stand on the free throw line next to Brandon Bass—and had Bass laughing immediately.

We miss KG and P.