Indiana: Mountain or Molehill?

DATELINE:  Indiana Grows a Mountain

Dumb America Gov. Pence

We are always confusing our news stories. This week we seem more confused than usual.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has apparently locked himself in the cockpit and is ready to crash the state into the Alps. This kind of stuff used to happen only in a Mel Brooks movie.

You can bang on the door all you want. He isn’t listening, and he is hellbent on his religious right to take you down to his version of purgatory.

This is America, and that is America. There are now two Americas. In one you can find people who will defend murderous NFL players as having enough talent to make millions of dollars and you can find devout Christians who think God is on their side.

If someone finds Pence has been told to stay home today because a doctor has found he has an illness that makes him unfit to fly the ship of state, we would not be surprised.

Home to Indiana used to be a refrain that Lew Wallace and Booth Tarkington used to put the boyhood of Christ under a silver moon. Now it is the place where James Dean would be denied a gravesite.

Pence is fond of saying the people of Indiana would never discriminate against any other person. Neither did that copilot who thought he was God.

After a while, all the news seems to jumble into one mess. You can blow up kids watching a marathon. You can murder someone who talked to people you don’t like, and you can fly a plane into a mountain.

Pence is about ready to go tell it on a mountain.