Jaylen’s Grief

DATELINE:  Mourning StarBrown

Trevin with Jaylen a few weeks ago.

Boston’s Green Lantern, aka Jaylen Brown, went to Scottdale, Georgia, for his friend’s funeral on Saturday. Though a plane is scheduled to take him to Indianapolis to play that night with the Celtics, no one is sure whether Brown’s emotional state will allow it.

This bravery in the face of melancholia is right out of the Isaiah Thomas playbook, referring to the death of that Celtics’ player’s sister during the playoffs last season.

Everyone lauded the steely resolve of Thomas to go out and win one for his sister. That, of course, did not stop the Celtics from trading him away during the off-season, not long after.

Business transcends even death in the world of pro sports.

Now Jaylen Brown has faced the media repeatedly with his own demons of death haunting him. It might be horrible enough as a young person to deal with emotional horror in private, but to face the onslaught of heartless media may be asking for valor beyond nature’s requirements.

Brown himself said he would have preferred to stay alone in his room. Being an introverted chess player, the Celtics superhero in the making has been able to compartmentalize his grief. He has even found the spirit of the dead motivating his performance on the court.

As for the lost friend, Trevin Lamont Steede, we remain kept in the dark. Brown’s friend died a week before he apparently heard about it. There were apparently no warning signs or dreaded expectations.

Steede won a high school award for sense of humor and played 1-on-1 with Brown during a recent visit. He seemed in good spirits and good health.

The introspective Jaylen seemed open and personable with his late friend, as one would expect with a private relationship, not meant for public consumption.

The mysterious events in the life of Jaylen Brown may haunt him for his career. Kevin Garnett lost his best friend suddenly as a young player—and his character became encased in a hard demeanor for years.

Terms and Conditions May Terrify



Cullen Hobart has directed the most frightening film of the year. Terms and Conditions May Apply tackles the thorny issue of privacy on the Internet, spying by the government, and the public’s lost freedoms. If you think TV shows like Person of Interest are fiction, you may want to think again.

Most people never read the policies required of joining Facebook, Google, Pandora, let alone certain sex social meeting websites. The National Security Agency—and anyone else with money to buy programs to spy—will have your private information.

Hobart works up to his ambush of Mark Zuckerberg to try to pin down the man who seems to have created a public persona that is a hypocrite. Zuckerberg is in cahoots with the NSA and may hold his Facebook friends in utter contempt.

But he is merely a tool of the government. In the name of preventing terrorism, the greatest terrorists in the world now seem to be agencies that collect your private data.

This film may slip under the radar for most viewers who routinely ignore “Terms and Conditions.” No one reads them, and everyone agrees and submits thoughtlessly. Alas, the damage is done with the help of the Patriot Act.

Zuckerberg thinks hiding your identity is dishonest. Just ask B. Traven, Greta Garbo, J.D. Salinger, and a handful of recluses who have moved to Montana to escape leaving digital footprints.

If you see one documentary this year, it ought to be Hobart’s yeoman effort. He may turn Edward Snowden into a hero, not a villain as Mr. Obama would have it. Yet, few citizens seem to be having apoplexy over the 21st century policies that have rendered Americans victims of their own innocence.


Another Red Sox Player Begs for Privacy


Which big man on the Red Sox is seeking a divorce from his wife and mother of his three children?

Issuing a statement to the public through MLB.com may not be a way to contain a problem. It’s like finding the microscope that will give inquiring eyes a vision to behold.

Last season another Red Sox pitcher had a vitriolic reaction to the public information about his marital troubles.

The year before another player went through an extremely messy divorce, which some contended led to his slump and loss of focus during the season.

Nothing of the sort appears to be occurring this time. The player in question seems to be enjoying a hot streak.

The latest player seems to be making a pre-emptive strike, and the latest co-respondent may have more pull with the media, owing to his near legendary role on the team.

Sports players have always thought of themselves as a breed apart from your usual celebrities, though they are quick to do commercials and movies when the chance offers itself.

Why are ballplayers different than Lindsay Lohan? Justin Bieber? Or Chris Brown?

When you are in the public eye and make millions of dollars off the public’s adoration, you may think you are a private individual with a curtain closing off your off-field antics from your on-field game.

Movie stars and singers have long ago learned that when you play the field, you are likely to be called in error by the official scorer.

Another Red Sox star is asking for dispensation for his sins, but that’s between his confessor and his spouse. Last time we looked: the media loves a good confession and more often resembles a louse than a spouse.