Boston Celtics Compete with GOP Debate Team

DATELINE: Presidential or Green?

Featured imageJelly O’Sully for President?

The Celtics season opener went head to head with the third Republican Presidential debate. The similarities were striking.

The Celtics have fielded about as many players as there are people running for president on the GOP side. The winnowing process appears to be slow and methodical. Those we expected to fall by the wayside have held firm—and so have the candidates. Most had predicted that Rand Paul and Jared Sullinger would be playing another game before the summer was over.

Marco Rubio and Isaiah Thomas have come off the bench, but want to be starters. And the pine riders to start the season are still four Republicans who cannot crack one percent support. Brad Stevens has ten who dare to play, and four or five others who may be off the Gallup Poll come Christmas.

The Celtics are one up one the Republicans because there is one Smart player in Green. We haven’t found too many claiming to be a Smart defensive whiz in the GOP field, though all advocate a strong defense, winning the approval of Brad Stevens.

There were five steals among the Celtics in their first game, and there were five insults from the media at the debate. There are nearly as many doubters among sports media as among CNBC.

Tyler Zeller seemed to be the Kasich of the team, receiving little respect and finding himself on the end of the bench by halftime.  Dr. Carson and Avery Bradley seem to be rising stars at the moment.

If Rondo were on this team, we might have our Trump. As it is, we have to give the title to Tommy Heinsohn who trumps all know-it-alls when it comes to insight and opinion.

We have seen a bunch of road shows for the GOP debating team, but the Celtics don’t go on the road for another week.

Stay tuned.  Someone is bound to throw a brick or sling some mud before much longer.