NBA Star Okafor becomes miscreantor for a day



We hope Jahlil Okafor will find what he’s looking for. Even if you go to a prestigious school, you can still grow up to be a mule.

On the streets of Boston after his team’s 16th loss in a row, versus no victories, Okafor swung for the fences and connected.  Alas, he plays basketball, not baseball. His swing struck the proverbial nose of a bystander and non fan.

Okafor went for a sucker who called his team a bunch of suckers. We know how much that sucks.

In the world of millionaire athletes, those are fighting words. Put up your Dukes.

Male ego and dollar signs are always a good match in a boxing ring. When you are a highly paid Philadelphia 76er, you can come to Boston and tell the Celtics that Ben Franklin left Boston for Philly and greener pastures.

Defending his team’s honor, Okafor went for a half dozen young Boston Brahmins like a bull in a china shop. We know that no Celtic fans would ever incite a riot—or express racist sentiments. The fault is always in the stars.

Another opinion claimed Okafor suggested Boston girls could be bought for the price of a peanut brain.

The NBA has decided in its wisdom to allow its players to act like dummies. Even Okafor noted later that he was kind of “dumb” for responding like a millionaire throwing a temper tantrum.  For his honesty, the 76ers decided he can fight on the basketball court any day he wants.

Okafor showed speed and ability to escape any pick set up to trap him. With his shifty moves, he showed why the NBA is the choice game for all thugs, even those with a petticoat from Duke University and its program to soften the edges of gangstas.