Knocking the Chip Off Deflategate’s Ball



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It sounds like a Tennessee Williams play about cannibalism: Suddenly Last Summer will be a good title for the Deflate-gate saga.

Suddenly, after six months of paralysis, suddenly reports tell us that the NFL and Tom Brady want a quick resolution to the Deflate-gate case. All of a sudden.

Say what? You mean after posturing, belligerence, bellicose pronouncements and threats, we have reasonable men about to sit down and negotiate? Yes, apparently.

What has happened to bring about this turn of the screw? It would appear a New York judge told them to settle this and to tone down the bravado. With September 4th looming as a date to let Brady play the first game, something has to be done within the next four weeks.

At present Brady’s attorney, the wily coyote known as Jeffrey Kessler, has announced they will not seek an injunction against the NFL ruling.

What does that mean? Well, it means both parties have talked and decided they have some common ground after all. It likely means whatever is determined, Brady will play.

In all likelihood, Brady will pay through the nose an enormous fine for equipment transgressions. Whether he acknowledges any wrongful rules violations may be the sticking point. He will say he is sorry he called Roger a dope

It is also not foregone that Brady’s attorney to seek an injunction days before the drop dead date of Sept. 4th. However, all parties seem to suddenly realize that they look like jackasses and the case is working to the detriment of all.


See You in Court, Mr. Commissioner!


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With Roger Goodell promising a verdict this week, the NFLPA is firing a shot over the Commissioner’s bow when it comes to Tom Brady.

They have let it be known that, unless the four game suspension is totally vacated, there will be a federal court date for the Commissioner.

And, just about everyone who has seen an episode of Perry Mason or Law and Order knows what that means. Goodell is hanging by a thread. He will be on the hot seat, if not the witness stand. It’s no place for the witless.

If intimidation is a factor, the NFLPA has made its point. Tom Brady made his over the weekend, releasing a photo of himself lying on a golf course, before the Grand Teton Mountains. His small daughter was at his side. A large smile was on his face.

Goodell spent his time at the Billionaire Boys Club in Sun Valley, hobnobbing with friends he hopes will give him a job when he is fired as NFL commissioner.

A rabid mob still insists that Tom is equally guilty of crime as Greg Hardy because he would not give up his cell phone for study by the Commissioner. Yes, a fishing expedition into one’s privacy is the first thing football fans are prepared to surrender.

Until someone wants to look at their phone.

Carrying off team loyalty in a losing city becomes onerous after the Patriots beat the tar out of your main street. Hence, so many sore losers are typing out venom on comment sections of various articles on Tom.

We never allow comments on this blog. We have the final word.

Goodell’s Ace in the Hole

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Featured imageVictim of Commissioner-Exempt List

Roger Goodell has a couple of sleazy card tricks up his sleeve.

If the NFLPA, a union with a virulent streak, manages to take Goodell to federal court over the Brady suspension, Tom Brady may face a Catch-22 that means no one will be catching his passes for a long time.

Yes, we have found that dirty little secret of Roger Goodell—his personal Commissioner-Exempt list. Here you are placed in limbo for as long as he decides (with pay of course), and you wait for the long legal process to play out.

For example, if Tom Brady decides to sue Goodell for defamation of character, the case might drag on well beyond the four game suspension. It could go for a year or more.

During that time Goodell might decide Brady cannot play at all, and he will put him on the Good Ship Lollipop that sails lost in the fog like the Flying Dutchman. Yes, Brady would be shanghaied and held prisoner in the NFL Titanic, ready to sink.

Many Patriot haters insist that Goodell would never shoot himself in the foot while the other foot is festering from a previous self-inflicted gunshot. To put Tom Brady into limbo would be, for Goodell, like playing naked Twister with himself.

Yet, men with unlimited power have often performed inexplicable actions that display unlimited corruption.

To banish Tom Brady into the exile of being Commissioner-Exempt for daring to pursue his legal rights could be tantamount to Stalin building another gulag.

Do we think this is a possibility? You bet your sweet ace in hole we do.