Gronk Filming Movie in Atlanta

DATELINE: New England Media Out to Lunch
Tatum, Gronk, Kyrie on the Set.
Boston sports media is in a panic because Rob Gronkowski has not shown up for the voluntary team workouts for the New England Patriots.
According to Boston sports media, this gives credence to the notion the Gronk is thinking about retiring from professional football.
All of the reports are incomplete and suggest he may be holding out for money.
All these reports are incorrect.
Gronk has permission from the team to be on location for the movie. He is willing to risk his voluntary bonus with the Patriots for practicing in order to advance his film career with a major movie role.
Rob Gronkowski is presently in Georgia,  filming a major motion picture called Boss Level. the film stars Mel Gibson, and Naomi Watts. Principal photography has begun, and casting of extras occurred last week. Gronk has an important role in the  film.
The story concerns a retired special ops soldier who must relive the last day of his life, sort of like Groundhog Day Meets The Terminator.

Regal Diana Finds No Justice



Naomi Watts as Lady Di

With a plethora of highly entertaining and well-produced biographical movies under our belt, we hoped the new one on Princess Di, the ill-fated and sweet royal screwed by the Buckingham crowd, would join the pantheon.

The Queen, Frost/Nixon, Burton & Taylor, Marilyn and Infamous, all set us a-quiver. We never thought we’d say it, but the stunning and wonderful actress Naomi Watts provides dim wattage when compared to the actual Lady Di whose demure demeanor and swan-like beauty has no comparison. Yet, the film is moving and melancholy, showing Diana in her bittersweet final days.

As homage, this is another sad and sensitive depiction of legends walking through mine fields. Diana resembles Marilyn in their hopeless battle against the corrosive effect of fame.

With a focus in her last two years of life, the film details how she goes from a woman with a penchant for Bach to a looser jazz, all under the watchful eye of endless spies.

A sad little love story, Diana finds herself with a Pakistani doctor—and Dodi as a ruse, but the ultimate irony is that her plans all go awry with one reluctant ride in Paris.

Art Malik and Geraldine James have featured roles. Back in the early 1980s they were stars of The Jewel in the Crown, a popular miniseries. Here they are again witnesses to the crown in free-fall. Diana’s tragedy still hurts.

Diana’s recurring nightmare about falling won’t land in a garden of love as she had hoped. This is a worthwhile small film with a big message.


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Everything is Possible in The Impossible





Everything is Possible in The Impossible


The greatest tsunami in recorded history happened on December 26, 2004, in which hundreds of thousands of victims were killed around the globe.


The enormity and gravity of a cataclysm can only be hinted at in The Impossible, which puts the focus on one small family on holiday in Thailand.


The actual disaster is seen in limited scope, but is horrific in its fright. Disaster is always a personal experience and its test of people comes individually and within families. Unlike many disaster films, this one stays on one family and their trauma.


Naomi Watts last had a battle with a giant in King Kong, but nothing compares to having one’s life ripped into shards of despair and hopelessness.


Ewan MacGregor plays her debris-dashing husband who finds himself separated from his wife and eldest son. In his search he makes a bizarre decision to abandon his two terrified youngest sons seven and three. Perhaps it was shock, but it seems cruel in the face of Nature’s cruelty.


Acting is superior. Tom Holland as Lucas reminds of a young Jamie Bell and likely has a solid acting career ahead. The film also boasts a cameo of an old woman who looks familiar because she is none other than Geraldine Chaplin.


The gruesome injuries and brutal conditions make the shenanigans of most action pictures shameful. Here we see pain and triumph of the human spirit without the silly veneer Hollywood often wishes to spread like cheap cheese-dip on a cracker.


J.A. Bayona directs a powerful microcosm of a major event in human history. We can only understand true tragedy in terms of people living in ordinary circumstance when the mind-boggling facts confront them. It is always worse in movie flashback, as these people learn about post-traumatic stress.


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