Clash of the Titans: Brady V. Goodell on the Docket


Featured imageBrady in Manhattan

We are taking a liking to this New Yawk judge. Today he said if the two parties have not come to an agreement by August 12, he wants both Mr. Goodell and Mr. Brady in his courtroom. For an apparent admonishing and face-off. And, for good measure, they can come back on August 19.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall, or an ESPN reporter in the court, whichever is more likely to carry disease and infection.

The meeting of Brady and Goodell after this acrimony would have to rank up there with Moses facing Pharoah, or at least equal to Nixon meeting Mao. If you think these two might be awkward in addressing each other, you’d be wrong. Butter will melt in their mouths.

Lawyers would be silenced and the two nemeses would face-off like King Kong and the airplanes. It wasn’t technology or cell phones that killed the Beast, it was jealousy. Of course, this judge, Mr. Richard Berman, may be biting off more than he can chew. Deciding to show your chops by putting Goodell and Brady in the same room is like cutting your teeth on broken glass.

This may be bigger than the Thrilla in Manila. Tom Brady may chase Goodell around the courtroom with a bear trap, like Cassius Clay did to Sonny Liston. And we all know how that ended for the prettier fighter.

This tussle could be more frightening than watching Dr. Moriarty going over the Reichenbach Falls in the embrace of Sherlock Holmes. What will we do for thrills when this ends?