Trump Tax Cuts: The New Math & the Unkindest Cut

DATELINE: Nose Growth on Trump

smarmy ryan Pinocchio Trump’s Jiminy Cricket

Republicans lawmakers like Paul Ryan have supercilious grins on their faces. It’s almost like the glee when they snickered at trying to supplant the Obamacare program.

The new math by Pinocchio Trump and his tax minions is rape in the traditional family government subsidy. Only the rich get richer in Trumpworld.

We also enjoyed hearing some nitwit ABC reporter state that $1162 tax cut for the average family is nearly $1200. This reporter obviously never rounded off dollars on her tax return.

We also listened with interest as the Republicans numbskulls reveled in the idea that $1200 was so much of a tax relief that it could be used to enhance your savings account, take a vacation, or pay off your mortgage. What kind of imbeciles do they take the voters to be?

Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.

By the time the taxpayers realize what Trump is up to, they will be paying far more in more esoteric ways. Who needs deductions for state and local income tax?  Well, when the state and local areas raise your taxes, you will wonder where the money went.

As for those undocumented tax payers, you will lose deductions for your American citizen children. Not only that, but ICE will have your address and pick you up for deportation. No matter that you do some crap job for minimum wage that no self-respecting American would ever work.

As for Trump, let’s face it: he is not what he advertised himself to be.  By the time this tax reform is working us into debt, Mr. Trump will either be impeached, have resigned, or living in the penthouse of the new Moscow Trump Tower.

Will someone wipe that smile off the smarmy face of Paul Ryan?

Tom Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

DATELINE: Tom Brady’s Last Refuge as a Scoundrel

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Liar, Liar, pants on fire. Tom Brady has joined the Liars Club.

We believed every word Tom Brady told us. So did owner Robert Kraft, but we already knew he was a dupe. He admitted it when he dealt with Aaron Hernandez. We hate to admit we too are a dupe.

If Brady lied about deflating notions, then what of his relationship with Hernandez? He claimed they only trained together now and then. In fact, Hernandez went out to the West Coast to spend time in Los Angeles bars and to train with his big Tom.

Heavens, we feel betrayed. Tom was a known associate of a killer.

In the football-based drama by Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Big Daddy learned finally that his son the star quarterback built a life on lies.

“Mendacity!” Big Daddy went around the house shouting. We suspect Bill Beiichick must be yelling a similar epithet, though he likely proceeds his fifty dollar word with a hundred ‘F” adjectives.

Tom, we hardly knew ye. You’re right, of course, that this is not up there with the dirty work of Benedict Arnold, but betrayal of trust is tough, no matter what level you create it.

We wonder if he lied to Wes, to Julian, or even to his mother.

If you like your footballs soft, we have a hard lesson for you. It may win a game, but it compromises your own integrity—let alone the shield of the NFL.

We hardly want to besmirch a shield that protects child molesters, wife beaters, cheaters, drug users, convicted murderers, and now ball deflaters.

Ah, American pro sports, the last bastion of hypocrisy, mendacity, and scoundrels. Yes, Tom, you’re in there somewhere.