Is Trump a Moron?

DATELINE:  Smarting Insults

rex Smarty Pants Rex Tillerson

After Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declined to refute the accusation that he privately called President Donald Trump a “moron,” we have to investigate the ramifications.

Kim Jung Un recently called Mr. Trump a “dotard.” It seems to be open season on the mental state of the MAGA-low-maniac’s personality.

Both moron and dotard used to be early 20th century terms used by prototypical psychologists. Then, the unwashed, deplorable public took up the words—thus rendering them on the lighter side of slander and libel.

Dotard used to refer to someone with Old Timers’ Disease in the old days before punchy and punch-drunk went the way of medical diagnosis.

Moron was frequently a level of retardation before that went down the tubes to emerge as Downs’ Syndrome. A moron used to be someone with the intellectual acuity of a ten-year-old. However, we have met some fairly sharp ten-year-olds—and feel that is a bum rap.

Our deplorable education system has finally resulted in a generation of deplorable voters electing a deplorable candidate. Let’s take quotes off the term moron.

Well, you know the term is often lumped in with idiot, imbecile, fool, clod, dullard, nitwit, dumbbell, jerk, and the all-purpose loser. It’s a big tent of disparaging terms proving all roads lead to Rome. You don’t need GPS to figure out that the map is littered with wrong turns.

We know Mr. Trump is lost in there somewhere. However, we have concluded he is most likely to respond to his favored sobriquet: son of a bitch, often used to delineate and denote NFL football players who have arthritic knees or pray for deliverance from “rednecks.”  But that’s another story.


Dennis Rodman: Diplomat and Dipsomaniac



Move over, Perle Mesta

We’d never say drug and alcohol rehab centers are the last refuge of a scoundrel, but Dennis Rodman has now entered one.

The Big Dip is an official member of the dipsomania society.

When you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and go to the cozy privacy of self-admitted hospitalization. It’s more like a sequestered Zen monastery. It’s the place of last resort, short of spending a month at Club Med.

Rodman’s drunken paeon to a despot he calls his dear friend raised eyebrows, then hackles. Now, instead of facing the music, Rodman is hip hopping down the rabbit hole.

We have also heard from one disgruntled former NBA slug hog that he meant to go on the trip and demands to be paid $20,000 for his good intentions. Craig Hodges feels that his non-diplomatic role deserves a paycheck, and to suggest otherwise is blatant racism.

Rodman’s brilliant strategy to bring former NBA stars to North Korea to sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ to a psychopathic political leader has been an abject lesson in how not to win friends or influence people positively.

Kim Jung Un’s birthday party ended with a brisk game of b-ball and pin the tail on the jackass. Rodman was the perfect foil.

No one knows how long Rodman will enter the rehab facility. It’s a good guess he will stay until he decides the coast is clear for more self-centered diplomacy and dipsomania.

Rodman puts the dip in both as unofficial ambassador, the host with the most. As Senator John McCain so eloquently stated: “I think he’s an idiot.”

Just call him madman, with apologies to Perle Mesta.




The Worm Dennis Rodman Turns


 rodman Bride Wore Pink


Ambassador Dennis Rodman was on a drinking binge before he did a CNN interview.

He must have been rehearsing his version of kowtow birthday songs to Kim Jung Un. Yes, Rodman now apologizes for rambling in a drunken rage on international television.

Kim Jung Un has executed men for less.

Rodman bowed appropriately and genuflected in private to the diminutive psychopath of North Korea whom he calls his dearest friend. We almost think they could be consenting adults, but only one has the power to consent.

Rodman admits he has embarrassed many people, including the imbeciles who have discovered what a bad decision they have made. Most would like to buy back their introduction to Ambassador Rodman.

The good news is that the Obama Administration is happy to talk to Dennis the Menace when he returns from North Korea. Now we know who’s really the dumb ass in this picture.

In the meantime Congress ought to mull an investigation into an American who condemns another ill American who has been unjustly imprisoned by Kim Jung Un.

Rodman now states he should not make political statements. Perhaps he should not make political gestures either. Hugging his new boyfriend may be simply an act of affection to Rodman.

There is some speculation he brought his wedding gown to North Korea in hopes of a proposal to be the consort of the dictator. Rodman is the new Eva Braun.



Nameless NBA Rogues to North Korea with Rodman



                    Crackpot to the Despot

Believe it or not (and we are believers): there are six men dumber than Dennis Rodman in the field of basketball. What? Only six? And, Dennis Rodman is indignant that anyone has challenged his intelligence-challenged friendship with a notorious psychopathic head of state.

They are following Rodman to North Korea to play for the despot who murdered his uncle just a few weeks ago. This time Rodman is organizing birthday fun. You can pin that tail on Dennis Rodman, folks.

At least one of the men on the trip must be a CIA plant, which may not bode well for the others if Kim Jung Un gets a little drunk and decides to use anti-aircraft guns on the losers.

You may ask what kind of imbecile thinks going to North Korea as basketball ambassadors is a good idea.

These are your standard NBA flopperoos. They are the men who have fathered multiple children with multiple wives. They are the men who have been in trouble with the law for drinking and driving. They are the men who have been suspended in the NBA for drug usage.

Yes, this motley crew is not an unexpected aggregate of publicity hounds and dogs in a manger.

Rodman insists he is laying groundwork lifelong friendship with a man who’d off him in a bad mood. What kind of needs does Rodman have when he must befriend a short, fat, dumpy psycho drunk with power?

The enablers of the NBA have put this clown in the Hall of Fame in Springfield. There is no hue and cry about Rodman’s misjudgment. Indeed, there is more animosity toward Edward Snowden than to Rodman.

We expect a bad end in double overtime on this case.


You may want to read TALES OF THE NBA: ARROGANCE, IDIOCY, & WHIMSY for more details on the league’s intelligence agencies. Available at




Dennis Rodman Sides With the GOP over Obama


Dennis Rodman is up to his old tricks because you can’t teach an old dog much these days.

Living up to his proverbial nickname, The Worm turned over nothing on the ground except his propensity for dirty talk.

Feeling President Barack Obama is unable to resolve a crisis with North Korea, Rodman will go on the defensive, kicking and elbowing the President aside while he tries to prevent Kim Jung Un from a slam dunk.

Proving his lack of diplomatic skills, Mr. Rodman said succidently of the President of the United States, “F—(expletive deleted) him.”

He seemed a bit incensed that a black president was not as tough as some NBA centers Rodman knocked down over the years.

Worse yet, Rodman concluded that Mr. Obama “can’t do (expletive deleted).”

So, Rodman will pack his overnight bag of shorts and itch spray before heading out to save the world. He will talk to the most ostrasized national leader in the world, though he admits he is no diplomat.

Honesty often helps in diplomatic situations, doesn’t it?

Drawing on political leadership skills developed after years of being foul and fouling out, Rodman now wants to use all his powers of persuasion on the North Korean dictator.

If the United States is lucky, Kim Jung Un will arrest Rodman for unsportsmanlike conduct and put him on trial for a double technical, unbecoming a bridesmaid.