Strange Deaths of Kim Jong Un & Adolph Hitler

 DATELINE: Duplicate Despots

We can hardly await the movie version of the epic comedy called the Strange Death of Kim Jong Un, the erstwhile fat slob North Korean dictator. The argument has been made that he is the only fat guy in North Korea—and no doubles are local.

It now appears that a body double may be used by some trying to keep his death a secret while they shore up their control of the government. Despots will be funny.

It seems Kim’s double has chipped teeth and overlong earlobes. And, the North Korean intelligence has not figured out that photoshopping can help them.

It is all reminiscent of the weird 1943 movie with Ludwig Donath called The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler. It was an amazing film in the middle of the war that contended that Hitler used doubles in dangerous situations of possible assassination. The story told the case of an impersonator who was drafted to do the dirty jobs Hitler could avoid.

Eventually he begins to think he is Hitler. There are a few hilarious meetings of the two, and the ending predates the war’s ending by two years and a strange assassination.

We suppose that all those overindulged meals caused a cardiac stent operation, performed and perhaps botched, requiring the double to do double-duty to buy time for the replacement squad.

We expect President Trump to use a body double eventually too. It is far easier when the main subject is a comedic hyperbole like Hitler, Kim, or Trump. It’s so easy to mimic these cartoonish autocrats. You can see it on SNL each week.

In the meantime, we recommend The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler as your primer for future developments.






Dennis Rodman Finds Good Company in North Korea


When an idiot becomes the ambassador of goodwill for a sport or a country, can war be far behind?

Submitted for your disapproval: Dennis Rodman, former NBA stalwart of the iconoclastic and tattoo as body billboard movement, now a goodwill ambassador for America.

Rodman just visited North Korea where he went to see Psy the Gangnam-style dancer. Alas, Psy lives in South Korea, which is sympathetic to the United States. Rodman’s mental compass often points south to go north.

North Korea features a young despot leader for life, the notorious and mysterious Kim Jong-un who follows in the heels of his grandfather and father: men who moonlighted as mass murderers.

Rodman had dinner with the leader Kim, and they discovered much in common, both liking the NBA and both adoring Dennis Rodman.  Kim apparently speaks English fluently and loves 1980s cheaters, bad sports, and loudmouth blowhards from basketball. He has become the #1 fan of Dennis Rodman.

Alas, Rodman knows only how to foul out. The Hall of Fame star known for his line of wedding dresses called his new pal “awesome,” and they watched a basketball game together. Rodman has so few fans that he has to take them where he finds them.

In this case he went half-way around the earth, dodging those nuclear bomb tests to visit the country he studied from watching old episodes of M*A*S*H*.

If the United States has given Rodman approval to be a goodwill ambassador, then the State Department has taken up with the same ad agency used by the NBA. We can all sleep sounder knowing peace is being negotiated by a man who knows about fouling out.