Whose Roy Cohn Was He?

DATELINE: Ethel’s Killer

 Master of Slime.

You may be aghast at the idea that Roy Cohn managed to be so powerful and so hidden in the open. He was adviser to Joe McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, and his final resulting horror, Donald Trump.

His philosophy borders on evil incarnate: he claimed to hate hypocrisy and was the biggest hypocrite around. Now, the man who put together the shocking Studio 54 documentary turns his research on Cohn. The result is unnerving and frightful. Roy Cohn, claims the movie, was dangerous, like a caged animal: open the cage at your own risk.

Most people may know Cohn from Angels in America,the play and movie in which he is depicted as haunted by Ethel Rosenberg whom he assiduously worked to have executed as a Russian spy. Today, Donald Trump lamented that he could find no lawyer like Roy Cohn to defend him against impeachment.

Yet, the lessons of Roy Cohn now are shaping America. And Cohn died of AIDS in 1986, Words like evil, Machavellian, ruthless, despicable, permeate the film, and he had a tendency to become infatuated with tall Nordic blond men (the last of these was Trump). The Army-McCarthy hearings were an attempt to impress his companion, David Schein.

He made big money by getting John Gotti, crime boss, off from a murder charge—and became the mob mouthpiece. Trump, with his own crime connections, took to Cohn like a duck to water.

Among his strongest defenders are convicted political trickster Roger Stone, a long-time friend, Barbara Walters whom Cohn said he wanted to marry, and Donald Trump, his protégé. When he needed character witnesses, all these people came to his aid.

When he was dying of AIDS, denying it emphatically to Mike Wallace in an interview, Ronald Reagan pulled strings to put him in an experimental drug program.

Cohn was reprehensible, and this biography doesn’t help his reputation or those guilty by association.



Grady Sizemore to Red Sox: One Lump or Two?


The Red Sox have made a splash, even if it is the sound of dropping a teabag into a mug.

Do you mind if we dunk, Grady? Our cup runneth over now that you’ve joined the Red Sox. We aren’t sure if he will be the centerfielder, or the new centerfold of the scorecard.

The mug they’ve signed is the once godly Grady Sizemore.

When size counts, Grady was always better than Ellsbury whose damned timidity kept him taking too many chances with his body. Grady Sizemore let it all hang out.

The bad luck of injury has plagued Grady and made him just another pretty face around the batting cage. We know he can swing a big bat when he’s healthy.

As long as his doctor has said he is healthy enough to play, we expect big things to come of it.

Grady never worried about taking chances with his body. He gained instant notoriety a few years back with his off-field byplay. Of course, he claimed he was hacked, and he took his lumps over the social media gaffe. He begged MLB to strike his naked frame from the lineup of gossip rags.

Now he will have a golden opportunity to show what he has up his sleeve. Perhaps it will win the position as every day centerfielder from Jackie Bradley, Jr.

Of course, Grady may just be another in a long line of those wearing the emperor’s fancy clothes. Those naked photos of Grady on the Internet will never die while tea-baggers populate the adult film industry.

We don’t know whether fans can bare it, but Grady can any time he wants. He still has it.