Boston Celtics Up for the Count







The Celtics looked at the runes of the calendar: the Mayans were claiming the Green team was at the end of days.


You could read Revelations and find fairly much the same predictions: the Celtics were down three to zero to the New York Knicks, and the end was near.


However, those old calendars of the long-ago prophets left a little wiggle room. The Celtics would live to play another day. Unfortunately the day would dawn in New York’s Madison Square Garden known as the graveyard of lost causes. MSG gives the Celtics a headache.



In the meantime on a gloriously spring day in Boston, the Celtics once again started the game like an engine ready to rev its motor to the outer limits.


They started with a bang, drawing up their lead to twenty points at one moment. Alas, the moment met the men.


By the third quarter a bunch of Celtics were clinging to five fouls each. We began to wonder if a team could play the final quarter with the starting rotation all fouled out.


When the 20-point lead was cut to three points before you could say “Nate Robinson,” Garnett was sitting next to Rondo on the bench.  Rondo wore a sports coat and vest that made him look like Maverick.


Sitting with KG, they looked like two men waiting for a streetcar named desire when the Knicks took the lead with a minute to go.


The NBA referees giveth and taketh. Lately they have given the Celtics more hell than Harry Truman ever envisioned. They have taken the series and put it on a silver platter—and the Knicks have hardly removed a single veil during their madcap dance unless you count J.R. Smith-Ewing’s one game suspension.


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett left their sweat and tears on the court, as befits Hall of Fame players in overtime.  Yet, it was the poor man’s Ray Allen, Jason Terry, who started firing on all cylinders in overtime, bringing life for another game.


The Celtics need another heroic performance before the final buzzer.



BigFoot LeBron Shuts Up Big Mouth Jason Terry


When Gigantopithecus of the NBA knocks down little Cro-Magnon man, you do not have a story. You have a confirmation of the character of LeBron James as one-man egomaniacal wrecking crew.

James delivered a major dunk, and Jason Terry of the Celtics was the man in the painted walkway. Alas, in the NBA pedestrians do not have the right of way when a Mac truck comes barreling down the highway and into the passing lane.

What made the monster dunk from the monstrous LeBron all the more vile was his comment after the game that he regarded this as one of his sweeter dunks.

This apparently was retaliation against the ever-loquacious JET whose high-flying antics have not met with approval from the man who determined he would win seven titles over the next few years.

Not since we lost our plain donut in a hot cup of coffee has there been a dunk so ill-conceived.

Fans of the reform movement to turn LeBron into a wonderful NBA superstar of the first magnitude may have had a subtle setback here. The real LeBron came out of the woodwork, and his mother Gloria was nowhere to be seen.

Since the beleaguered and overplaying Celtics are a mere shadow of the golden days when they had a real Big Three in their prime, LeBron’s gloating seems a bit misplaced.

As for Terry, his big mouth was shut by the viral tweets and twits on YouTube that showed him flat as a pancake.

As for the false bravado of a big man, LeBron James complained that he does not like players who talk too much. This is what passes as self-loathing in the NBA.