Marilyn Declassified

DATELINE: Patsy Monroe? 

In a new documentary called Marilyn Monroe Declassified,  director and writer Paul Davids in 2016 tackled the thorny subject of the probable suicide (its official designation) almost 60 years later.

He takes much archival footage and tries to find rare insights to give a background in his premise that it was more likely her death was an improbable suicide.”

No doubt that even decades later, Marilyn is a glowing and beautiful icon, transcending time and place. She may be up there in a few thousand years with women like Helen of Troy. Yes, legends easily pass into mythology with a background like Marilyn.

This film purports to examine both FBI and CIA documents only recently released to public scrutiny.

Using some fairly reputable scholars and researchers, the film veers off the standard biography patter for the final 20 minutes or so when the revelations about affairs with the Kennedy brothers (President and Attorney General) devolves into a mob contracted hit to embarrass the Kennedy Administration, led by the CIA guru and demonologist, James Angleton.

Sam Giancana, who believed the Kennedys betrayed him, was an eager contractor for Angleton. All stones could be unturned and thrown into the ocean when used. You may well ask yourself why it took 4 hours to call the police to report Marilyn was dead by her housekeeper (allegedly a CIA agent). After that, all bets are off.

The connection to Kennedy revealing to Monroe about the truth of the Roswell incident is documented in CIA/FBI reports. Whether true or not, she believed it and was prepared to use it, but the CIA was not about to accept that reality.

This documentary may seem to have gone off the rails, but it also seems grounded in the horrors that not even Ancient Alienswill tackle. It appears Oswald was not the only Patsy in a  conspiracy-ruled world.

Little Grey Men Taken to Your Leaders

DATELINE: Conspiracy Smorgasbord


Dr. Michael Salla’s book with the unwieldy title of Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12, & JFK’s Assassination is a jaw-dropper, as well as tongue tripper.

In case you like your conspiracy theories lumped together in one big lollapalooza, this work succinctly provides all the answers to all the questions of what’s really going on in the universe, as well as on Earth.

We couldn’t put it down. And, we have no put-downs for the tale.

To whet your taste buds, we can only mention that movie star Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she was about to hold a press conference and announce that President Kennedy was covering up a major UFO secret: we had captured saucers and aliens.

From there, the chapters maintain a constant high pitch—from President Eisenhower’s threat to use the U.S. Army under his command to attack and take over Area 51 in the 1950s unless the CIA gave him information he wanted about their hidden spaceships.

Young John Kennedy’s friend was Secretary of Defense James Forrestal whose incarceration at a Bethesda Hospital had more to do with his attempt to reveal the truth about Roswell than a mental breakdown. Was he murdered, or did he jump out a window?

James Angleton, one of the slippery folks over at CIA, put together a take-out policy for any politician who might reveal the EBE problem (Extraterrestrial Biologic Entity). No one in the know calls them ETs.

They even kept J. Edgar Hoover in the dark despite his protests that he should have access to the captured aliens.

If this sounds preposterous, it’s not. In the hands of Dr. Salla who painstakingly documents and attests to the various theories and crackpot notions, you have a couple of lids blown sky high.

It all makes sense in the larger scheme of plots and counterplots. Next time you see a UFO coming toward you, we strongly advise that you run and hide.