Surely Templar on Oak Island

DATELINE: Coconut Fiber 

Ship in Swamp.

If you are among the faithful, your belief in Templars, treasures, and miraculous artifacts, may be about to be rewarded big time.

The show itself has begun to ask if the search is worth it. Yet, there is a major structure or more on the island. Both the Money Pit and Smith’s Cove are showing to be rich in evidence. The thinking finally is that the ocean was much lower at Smith’s Cove that made it easier to build giant structures that had no nails or fasteners.

The eye of the swamp may be pivotal. They think a major discovery of a Spanish galleon may be their reward. The possible ship is about 15 feet at the shallow end and over 50 feet at the other end. Ground penetrating radar presented an image.

Marty arranges to dig a major shaft into the Money Pit where wood has been found that is from 1620. They can do a safe dig eight feet across and 120 feet deep.

On another front, the Scottish immigrants came to Oak Island and wanted to use a prebuilt system to hide their Templar artifacts. They may have created the newer Money Pit. These Templars, aka Knights Baronet, were freemasons. In fact, many of the searchers were actually Masons.

It may be the original discoverers of the Money Pit were actually came with some knowledge of treasure. They knew what was there and why they went down over 30 feet.

Even more shocking, they discover an opening to a tunnel under the foundation of early resident Daniel McGinnis. Direct descendants several years earlier claimed there were treasure chests the original teen treasure hunter located. Back at Smith Cove, Gary Drayton jokes about a tunnel—but then they find one. It contains more coconut fiber—or something else! If that material is fiber, it could mean it is near the booby traps.

They return again to Carmen Legge, now a regular deliverer of amazing findings. He identifies this pipe pole as a boat hook.

However, the biggest news of the night has to do with the mystery fiber discovered in a strange new place. It turns out to be a shock from Dr. Ian Spooner: it’s not human hair. More coconut fiber indicates a flood tunnel. It was a filter and original work for the placement of treasure.

Gov. Christie, J.R. Smith, & Worm Rodman: Amorality Runs Amuk

DATELINE: Bozo Clowns All


Gov. Chris Christie and Worm Dennis Rodman are both egregiously embarrassed, if not mortified, about their amoral behaviors.

Of course, that never stopped them in the first place from taking a chance to cheat.

Christie’s gang has paid political revenge on people by causing a major traffic snarl this summer. Apparently, they never considered any Republicans might be in the crowd of backed up luxury cars trying to drive into New Jersey.

Rodman contributed to the effigy hanging of an innocent man in a North Korean prison. The American citizen has been incarcerated without cause, but Rodman had him guilty, apparently forgetting in American you are innocent unless a trial convicts you.

Rodman and Christie join Knicks J.R. Smith as people above the law. In their little worlds, you can do anything you want in the expectation that no one will catch you. If you are caught, you offer profuse “embarrassed” apologies and the issue will go away.

J.R. Smith has repeatedly cheated in basketball by untying the sneakers of opposing players as they stand on the free throw line.

Now these infractions come at different levels and ends of the spectrum of bad behavior. What they share is an attitude that the benefits of their action transcend the likelihood that you will be caught and punished.

Our society has turned politics and sports into the realm of a cheater’s dream. It is the new American Dream, doing idiotic wrongs for the sheer pleasure of it.

Society and sports likely do not have the fortitude to stop it.