Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen?

DATELINE: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much

Killed Kilgallen? Heroic Woman Ignored Again!

This week is the 55th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, which began a cascading of bad events and cultural deterioration in America.

One of the forgotten victims and researchers from the earliest conspiracy days of the Kennedy Assassination was a muckraking journalist named Dorothy Kilgallen. She was a Broadway gossip columnist and star of the TV game show called What’s My Line, which probably contributed to a sexist dismissal of her work.

In November of 1965, she was found dead in her luxury New York apartment—and her ground-breaking research and manuscript was missing. She had interviewed Jack Ruby privately twice and was preparing a second trip to New Orleans

Her death was suspicious, but not investigated by police. Author Mark Shaw’s original book on the subject, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, spends half the work on her biography—and the second half of the book on lining up suspects and trying to determine what she had uncovered. Many people are still burying her research.

There is no cooperation from Kilgallen’s three children, for some unknown reason. Shaw’s work is thorough and compelling, all the moreso because most “serious” books on the assassination of President Kennedy ignore her mysterious death and hard work.

Kilgallen’s enemies were numerous, as might befit a gossip columnist with a poisonous style of indictment. Frank Sinatra and J. Edgar Hoover loathed her. She knew many of the mobsters who were enemies of the Kennedy family and felt betrayed by patriarch Joe and brother Robert.

Shaw loves Kilgallen even more than her family and is intent on restoring her value and importance in history. If she indeed was a murder victim who came too close to the truth in the early days of conspiracy theory, then she needs to be recognized as a pioneer of the truth-seekers.

It is a fascinating story told by Mark Shaw, though you will suffer the bane of murder mystery: she was not able to identify the culprits before her untimely death–and neither is author Shaw.


Dark Legacy: CIA & Bush Take Their Lumps

DATELINE:  Who Dunnit?


In the week that Donald Trump released the long-hidden Kennedy Assassination documents from the National Archives, we decided that revelations never quite meet the theories spawned. The hidden truth was never put into a government memo.

So, we took in one of the most outlandish and yet frightening of all Kennedy murder conspiracy films: Dark Legacy.  This is a three-Hankey movie: John Hankey wrote, directed, and produced this disturbing documentary and conspiracy theory.

This time it is CIA-centered George Bush, the 1st one to be president, who in the 1960s worked for and led (as J. Edgar Hoover called it) ‘some misguided anti-Castro people.’ Bush later was director of the CIA, but his family had dark ties to CIA director Allen Dulles (fired by John Kennedy months before the assassination). Dulles was the fox in the chicken coop when he was appointed to the Warren Commission.

The coincidences pile up about who knew whom. We waited breathlessly to find out that Oswald took in a monthly allotment from the FBI, and that Jack Ruby was on Richard Nixon’s congressional staff in 1947.

The film borders on accusing the CIA of trying to embarrass J. Edgar by putting one of his operatives into the center of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

We think it unlikely the recent papers released under Trump’s order will embarrass the Bush family—or even Ted Cruz’s father (allegedly an associate of Oswald). However, the dots connecting so many famous names will rattle you.

This little conspiracy documentary borders on overkill, but however improbable the conclusions, the facts hint at possibility.

Little Grey Men Taken to Your Leaders

DATELINE: Conspiracy Smorgasbord


Dr. Michael Salla’s book with the unwieldy title of Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12, & JFK’s Assassination is a jaw-dropper, as well as tongue tripper.

In case you like your conspiracy theories lumped together in one big lollapalooza, this work succinctly provides all the answers to all the questions of what’s really going on in the universe, as well as on Earth.

We couldn’t put it down. And, we have no put-downs for the tale.

To whet your taste buds, we can only mention that movie star Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she was about to hold a press conference and announce that President Kennedy was covering up a major UFO secret: we had captured saucers and aliens.

From there, the chapters maintain a constant high pitch—from President Eisenhower’s threat to use the U.S. Army under his command to attack and take over Area 51 in the 1950s unless the CIA gave him information he wanted about their hidden spaceships.

Young John Kennedy’s friend was Secretary of Defense James Forrestal whose incarceration at a Bethesda Hospital had more to do with his attempt to reveal the truth about Roswell than a mental breakdown. Was he murdered, or did he jump out a window?

James Angleton, one of the slippery folks over at CIA, put together a take-out policy for any politician who might reveal the EBE problem (Extraterrestrial Biologic Entity). No one in the know calls them ETs.

They even kept J. Edgar Hoover in the dark despite his protests that he should have access to the captured aliens.

If this sounds preposterous, it’s not. In the hands of Dr. Salla who painstakingly documents and attests to the various theories and crackpot notions, you have a couple of lids blown sky high.

It all makes sense in the larger scheme of plots and counterplots. Next time you see a UFO coming toward you, we strongly advise that you run and hide.