Edward, King of the Nazis

DATELINE: Royal Fascists

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Netflix documentary on Britain’s Nazi King exposes, in more depth, the ugly side of the man who gave up the throne for the “woman I love” in 1936.

That was a pleasant, romantic diversion, but the leaders of England were far more concerned that Wallis Simpson, the King’s consort, was a depraved Nazi, sleeping with men close to Hitler. And, she had the oddball Prince of Wales wrapped around her finger.

Though Edward had a reputation for many affairs in his world travels in the 1920s, often with married women, Simpson revealed in letters that he was impotent—and only she knew the secret of how to arouse him.

It appears she was a dominatrix of sorts. It fit in with the crypto-Nazi beliefs she held.

Once Hitler began to become more aggressive in the 1930s, he sought the favor of Edward in order to install him on the throne when Germany won the war. Since Edward was bitter at the way his brother, King George treated him, he was eager to please Hitler.

When the war began in earnest, the United States FBI found the Prince of Wales abdicated his throne, but was giving secrets to the Nazis in his opulent lifestyle in Spain, and later Bermuda (where he was made a governor to exile him somewhere innocuous).

Edward spoke German fluently, and the family name of Windsor was a fiction adopted during World War I in order to downplay the Royal family’s Germanic roots.

The full story of Edward’s reprehensible plan to return to England as the puppet of Hitler is most unsavory. However, rumors that he might be far more depraved will not be found in this documentary.

Indeed, quaint notions of the FBI marked Edward’s friends as subversive if they consorted with black people in Harlem clubs. You wonder how much of the evil reported in Edward actually belonged to the eyes of the beholder.

Intriguing, this Netflix documentary will provide enough disturbing evidence to satisfy most that bon vivant wit Wallis and her partner Edward the King would have been a disaster.


Revolt in the NFL Palace?

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When dictators are assassinated, the dirty work emanates from their own palace guard. Rumors and rumors of coup d’etat seem to whirl around the Park Avenue headquarters of the NFL during the early start of the season.

Roger Goodell wisely chose to avoid going to the opening game with the New England Patriots in enemy country, Foxboro, a name that seems destined to live in infamy.

Word is now filtering out that the New York headquarters of the NFL may be harboring some palace intrigue. A group may be ready to mount an overthrow of the dictator named Roger Goodell.

We have only to look to history to find that, after years of bad decisions and mistreatment, those of high role in palace affairs begin to hatch their little plots.

Adolph Hitler found his aides putting a bomb under his table. It failed to kill Der Fuherer, but it set him back some.

In the more distant past, another parallel character to Goodell was called Caligula. His own hired bodyguards did him in as he walked in a “safe tunnel” to one of the weekly games.

Another Roman despot named Commodus was done in by one of his former gladiators who choked him to death during rough sex. Goodell should be so lucky.

Rasputin was lured to a party where he was shot, stabbed, poisoned, castrated, and dumped in the local river. Nothing is too good for Goodell according to NFL insiders.

We can only say to Goodell, “Beware the Ides of March,” especially in months ending in ‘r’.

Great Dictator Revisited As Political Satire


Hynkel's Dance Partner


Korean dictator and koo-koo bird Kim Jung II has threatened war over a comedy movie by James Franco and Seth Rogan as two gayish CIA assassins out to get him.

It made us think back to another political satire that savaged a world leader. Charlie Chaplin took aim at Adenoid Hynkel (Adolf Hitler) in his 1940 film The Great Dictator.

Chaplin never shied away from big targets. It seemed to satisfy the size of his ego. If the Allies had lost the war, Hitler would have likely sought out Chaplin for a special place in the concentration camp.

The Great Dictator has some legendary bits among the funny scenes, but primarily one moment registers among the all-time great cinematic gems. Chaplin in the guise of Hitler dances a ballet with a large beach ball as the world. The choreography is flawless, funny, and horrifying, as Chaplin does his best Nijinsky imitation with global domination.

You know the world will blow up in Hitler’s face.

As with all of Chaplin, his pathos outweighs his humor. If watching the faux Hitler and his double-cross insignia in lieu of the Swastika were not funny enough, he undercuts with his Jewish barber (his classic tramp role now with job). With coy Paulette Goddard, he fills in the dull parts with a dull love story.

Jack Oakie is around as the faux Mussolini to ramp up the competition among the dumbest dictators to give Chaplin a straight man when Billy Gilbert is not playing Herring.

In the era before the full horror of the Holocaust was known, the film simply put Hitler into the realm of deluded fools. It took history to open the full book on his evil. Yet, Chaplin’s mildly acerbic portrait in an age when such satire was pre-American propaganda shows his sentience.

James Franco probably has no idea that he is playing on the same field with one of the greats of all-time cinema, though he’d likely warm to the notion.