Super Bowl 51: The End is Near

DATELINE:  Once Upon a Time…

 roger-brady  Parallel Universes Collide Tonight

After wading through dozens of our Patriot humor articles—some not so funny, and others too mean-spirited in embarrassing Tom Brady, we have always meant well. We love Tom.

We have waded through highlight reels, hype beyond all expectations, endless analysis by so-called sports pundits, the same kind of experts who missed the movement to elect Trump.  Now, at rainbow’s end, the day is here.

Yes, Super Bowl 51 is around the corner, merely hours away.

Every day has been media day all season. We have endured polysyllabic interviews and monosyllabic interviews by inarticulate lugs and hilarious insights from Martellus Bennett.

Roger Goodell has been stabbed with the Revenge Tour of Tom Brady, week after week. And now, it’s “et tu, Brute” time.

We have heard the Hearst-coinage of a word “deflategate” until our powers have been deflated and defeated by the connotations and denotations offered by lawyers, ad nauseum, as well as scientists aware of hot air theory.

Now it comes down to kick off and actually putting everything into play.

We have not spent much time looking at the Atlanta Falcons with Matty Ice. The local angle of the Falcons has escaped us. This season nobody seemed to care about Atlanta except Sherman (Richard, that is).

Perhaps New Englanders feel it is a foregone conclusion that the revenge tour of Tom Brady will have its pinnacle and acme with the utter humiliation of Roger Goodell at game’s end. The opponent is merely another domino blocking the path to the winner’s platform.

The time for the Patriots to act is upon us.