Super Senses on UnXplained

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 Eric Plays!

William Shatner is in wry form again as the series UnXplained  actually tackles another unusual subject with some interesting insights. This time the show’s topic deals with how several individuals have made up for a lack of one sense (blindness, deaf, etc.,)with enhanced other senses.

This is more than someone learning to rely on what’s left when Nature has denied them the full range of sensory perception. The handful of interview subjects are not your usual subjects—and that gives the series yet another fresh approach.

A blind man who lost both eyes as a child to cancer make clicking noises, a form of sonar, to locate objects around him—and can makes a drawing or map accurately as to what is in his world when he walks around or ride a bicycle. It’s called echolocation, and some may disparage it as luck, he clearly has a new sensory approach that is nothing short of paranormal.

Another example, from the deaf world, is called synesthesia or synesthetes, people who may not hear noise or sound, but experience colors, and strange noise, to make up for their lacking. It is amazing to think that sound has color to define it.

Old-hand experts from our usual History Channel shows, Dr. Michael Dennin and Dr. Travis Taylor, are around again to discuss the physics of cross-connected senses. And, it is ground-breaking when it comes to these show topics.

Another victim of lack of senses, who feels no pain, explains the dangers of daily life when there is no pain sensitivity, which is called a genetic malfunction. He also explains he has so many injuries since childhood that it is now a blessing to be pain-free. To have it restored would mean he would not function at all.

Another premature infant named Eric Paravicini given oxygen in abundance to survive turns into a musical maven who at age 5 had memorized thousands of songs and now can play the piano like a virtuoso. The drawback and price for these “talents” is that forms of autism deny a full and satisfying existence.

Shatner is clearly in awe of this episode’s subjects—and we have to admit this was a startling and fresh approach, again putting UnXplained  at the top of the heap of History series.

In the Driver’s Seat with Tom Brady

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Featured imageJudge, Jury, & Commissioner

Whatever the decision by Roger Goodell on the Deflategate punishment for star Tom Brady, the Patriots QB made the Commissioner earn his paycheck this week.

The NFL had hoped and suggested four hours would be the length of time needed to present his case about a vacuum of air pressure.

Instead, the power of Tom Brady made the case drag out for ten hours. It is indeed Brady’s power to do so. Goodell may have hoped he would not have to listen to much, but Brady and his attorneys made Goodell squirm in his kingly throne.

There is no other way to look at it. Brady force fed the commissioner, like it or not, for almost eleven hours, including a most tasteless lunch break.

Goodell had to listen, lest he be accused of impartiality and prejudice. He had to listen to the greatest player his sport has produced in this era—and he had to face the music of how his actions have failed to protect the sport that paid him $44m this year.

Yes, Tom Brady forced Goodell to hear how he squandered $6m on a Wells Report that was a waste of paper. Goodell had to listen to the fact that he hired experts who were clueless about science and the rules of the game.

Goodell had to listen to Brady’s lawyers demolish the NFL commissioner’s incompetent referees and staff.

Tom Brady may pay a steep price for that privilege, but it had to be sweet to be in the driver’s seat and run down the Commissioner multiple times.