Bad Reporting Continues in Deflate-gate

DATELINE: Reports Greatly Exaggerated


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You couldn’t ask for a better story than Deflate-gate has ruined the marriage of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen. It is the kind of journalistic nugget that writers would kill to confirm.

We are always quick to repeat the worst in Deflate-gate. Its humor has the sour, bitter taste of Jonathan Swift turned into Alexander Pope.

Pope was a reprehensible person and brilliant writer. Swift was just ironical.

Unfortunately, the Deflategate fallout is not true. Of course, it has not stopped us from speculating that Deflategate is corrosive and inane, a combination guaranteed to split up families, fans, and football leagues. You blow it into your reportage—for a quick handle on the ball before you kick it out of bounds.

You might want to believe that Tom Brady is as shallow as the reports of underinflated footballs. He regularly posts photos of himself with his children in special moments. The pictures are taken by his wife.

So, to say that he has let Deflategate turn him into a remote automaton is already disproved by the weekly moments of happy time with wife and kids.

There are those who believe in divine punishment as a sports concept.

You need it to make the Zac Efron movie version of Tom’s life to believe any of the Deflategate nonsense. But, like a Zac Efron movie, you are always left thinking something isn’t quite right or quite credible.

Tom Brady’s marriage will withstand a few leaks of psi. Our madness over Deflategate has not.