Kindred Spirits: World Beyond

DATELINE: Where’s Topper?

Adam & Amy Need a Topper

We tuned into a Learning Channel series that has been on for several years in a limited eight-episode season 1. We were delighted to discover this because the featured duo were costars on the old Ghost Hunters series on SyFy.

They were the most creative, pleasant, and interesting of all the teams of investigators. Of course, they were released because they were eclipsing everyone else. It took a while, but they managed to put together this show called Kindred Spirits.

It’s run for several seasons, and they are the sole investigators. Alas, their charming insights are hampered by the cases.

There are shows about rural hideaways where children have been killed in accidents or dismembered 19th century victims are causing some trouble. This is a bit squeamish, and Adam Berry shows it.

The show puts a focus on violent, bizarre, murderous spirits and ghosts. They say upfront that their goal is to help families that are threatened in their own homes.

We feel this is unrealistic. Most ghosts are shy and harmless people trapped in an environment over tragedy and premature death. That doesn’t sell TV ghost shows.

The original Ghost Hunters has long since bitten the dust in the cemetery, and Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are still emotionally kind, but smart enough to do their research. They do the excavation of past records to find out the backstory.

After three or four episodes, we feel they are comfortable as a team and likely doing it the way they want, after years of being held back.

The formula starts with the two hunters eating in a restaurant of sorts (some nice desserts) and discussing a case. It always ends with hugs all around as the family feel comfortable in their digs after Amy and Adam intervene.

If we have one suggestion, it’s Adam and Amy need a Topper.


Gremlins & Patriots Down to Paranormal Explanations

DATELINE: Truth is Out There!

flaccid footballs

Bill Belichick decided he needed to hold another press conference this week because of air inflation issues.

The football genius admitted he has been on a learning curve this week, taken up in a trial balloon. From his new vantage, he studied all about psi and csi and where the twain shall meet.

If the NFL won’t exonerate the New England Patriots, Belichick has done his own investigation—and he assures us that everyone in Foxboro is innocent as a babe in an incubator.

We still aren’t sure if the footballs used in the AFC championship game spent any time in a hyperbaric chamber to stay wrinkle free, sort of like Michael Jackson used to do. No, not Michael ‘Air’ Jordan, we mean the other one.

For 23 minutes more fans and hostile NFL haters were subject to the controlling force of Bill Belichick, assuring everyone that the deflation at Foxboro is a cosmic anomaly.

The Patriots seem to be facing the old World War II nemesis: foo-fighters.

These gremlins of invisible torment were last seen on an episode of Twilight Zone, bedeviling Bill Shatner. Now they have returned to clip the wings and deflate the balls of Bill Belichick.

Whether you call them gremlins, foo-fighters, leprechauns (oh, no, not the Celtics!), or plain poltergeist, we now have moved into the realm of paranormal.

The Patriots may need to call in TAPS, the Atlantic Paranormal Society, hosts of Ghost Hunters on SyFy. They can get to the bottom of this with spirit boxes and infrared goggles.