Adult Entertainer Goes Legit

DATELINE: On Pavement


Remy Mars is a name known to a subset of adult movie fans. For the most part he has played in dozens of films with all-black, all-gay casts.

However, director Matthew Doyle has given him a role not too far removed from reality in Chasing Pavement. Remy plays Elijah, aging in the wood porn star wanting to escape that world. He is his own manager and agent, watching out for HIV reports and making personal appearances. It challenges him. He longs to be a real actor.

This character surprises on all levels: he listens to opera, and he chooses to live in a conservative town outside the city in suburban splendor. He cooks, has friends, dinner parties, and is leading a life of quiet desperation.

The film is an astounding achievement for the price of $22,000. It has gloss, shine, sincerity, intelligence, and emotional wallops.

Its subject matter likely will limit its viewership, which is a shame. Remy Mars breaks the barrier to being a real actor, not a sex puppet. He is understated and heart-breaking.

Produced and co-starring one of Remy’s former adult movie partners, Antonio Biaggi, there is so much of the autobiographical that we are disbelieving of the notice that this is a film of fiction.

Elijah takes in an educated, straight roommate, Tak (Tokio Sasaki), a Japanese man also escaping a life he does not relish. He is invisible in America as an immigrant—and Remy’s Elijah insists he is not a person. He is a fantasy.

In an era of big budget, special effects monstrosities, we are always pleased to see high-quality in a low-budget effort. Chasing Pavement is a gem.

Tom Brady Trumps Truman Capote in Photo Competition

erotic poses?

Leave it to GQ Magazine to set up Tom Brady in a way that Roger Goodell wishes he could. We are almost agog waiting for Tom’s next act in the swim suit competition.

The sexy man of the year has outdone a controversial pose that practically ruined the career of Truman Capote in 1949. Yup, taking that languid look on his book jacket made Truman a laughingstock and brought forth cries of “Dandy!” They may have actually said much worse.

Tom Brady is revisiting the look almost 70 years later, and he looks almost as ridiculous as Capote. If they are selling something, the price is beyond what most fans are willing to pay.

Gore Vidal loathed the Capote pose, and we are waiting to hear what Tom’s archrival, Peyton Manning, has to say about this sofa cushion pinup boy.

Now, we admit we expect this sort of model behavior from Gronk—and we fully expect it from Julian Edelman, though he might try it buck naked.

Fans will no doubt weigh in on Tom’s daring position out of the pocket.

If anything, we must say that time is kinder today to men who want to flaunt what they have.

Capote made new fans with his photo way back when—and we expect that a friendly new following will be adoring Tom Brady as the next gamecock.