Oh, My Gog! Not to Mention Magog!

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 Infamous Gog and Herbert Marshall.

Back in the early 1950s, one of the way-ahead-of-its-time movies was something called Gog (out of your Bible as a nasty evil force). The movie turned Gog into a “brain machine,” because no one dared to call it a computer back then.

Gog and Magog are robots with independent thinking skills. The computers must deal with out of control nuclear power where no man can go. Without much overt horror, this thinking man’s vision of the future went down the tubes with nary a fly-by.

More than a decade before Kubrick unleashed the HAL computer as villain on A Space Odyssey,Ivan Tors of Flipper fame turned his vision loose in a desert military base, top secret, a few years before the government created Area 51.

No wonder this movie in 3-D was a bomb. No one in the days of flying saucer mania believed in this stuff really would take over TV in the 21stcentury. The movie plot was years ahead of crypto-zoology and Artificial Intelligence with evil intent.

The movie starred Richard Egan, or is that Richard Carlson? You know any good sci-fi/horror effort in those years had to star one of them.

And, as the distinguished scientist, you had Herbert Marshall heading down the road that Vincent Price would later own.  This is a few years before Marshall had a big hit with an original shocker, The Fly. Marshall is also long-past the razor’s edge here.

Apart from the high-tech predictions, you have a great many silly low-tech, insipid notions, like a windshield wiper on the glass of a lab window—and steam radiation heat out of pipes.

Gog was a big disappointment to the drive-in audiences of the age, and its lost color and 3-D view on TV never helped it achieve any kind of post-release respect.



Flipper and Gronk Will Meet Again in a Sequel

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Gronk & Luke Halpin with Flipper

Fifty years ago another Boston sports icon made a movie called Flipper.

Yes, you diehard Celtics fans all remember Chuck Connors, star of 1963’s first Flipper.

He was the kindly father to Luke Halpin, the loincake star of the movie that took Lassie and made the story aquatic. The sweet dolphin saved the boy in a series of adventures.

How the times have changed. Now, the Dolphin has turned into a monster. If you follow the New England Patriots and their monstrous tight end, you have seen the worm turn. Yes, Flipper is now going up against Gronk.

Not since King Kong met Godzilla has there been such a lopsided victory. May the better creature win.

Gronk posted his victory dance on his personal website. As far as we know Luke Halpin continues to keep a fond memory of his biggest fan, Flipper.

We aren’t sure if we should accuse Gronk of cruelty to animals. We hear the high whistle of Flipper now as he faces a worse challenge than fending off sharks. Nothing compares to one solid spike from the Gronk, not even a bite from the Great White Shark from Jaws.

We hesitate to urge Hollywood producers to offer a role to Gronk in the new version of King Kong versus Godzilla, or better yet to have a warmup battle in Miami between Gronk and Flipper. We suspect it would have to be a cage match.

Flipper is a flipping slippery mammal, but Gronk knows how to deflate anything he spikes. Fans may be already looking forward to the new battle of the monsters when the Patriots meet the Dolphins in Miami in the finale of the season.