River Phoenix: Cry Me a River!

DATELINE: River of No Return

Died in 1993.

One of those shows about the last day of a celebrity includes a look at River Phoenix. He was also subject to the series Autopsy,but this widens the dredging to include many salacious suggestions. It’s called Final 24.

In case you didn’t know, River was incandescent, much like Marilyn Monroe, having some internal shine that overwhelmed a group of hangers-on and a generation of teen fans. He was surrounded by a bunch of slugs that weren’t smart enough to save him, and were dumb enough to think speedballs can be fun.

With an image of squeaky clean, River Phoenix (ne Bottom) was living a lie. He succumbed to anxiety, pressure, sexual temptations, and pretended to be healthy and environmentally friendly. He was, in fact, mixing drugs regularly.

With a carnival of Halloween costumed witnesses, he died in public on October 30, 1993.

If you want to know that he hated last costar Judy Davis and despised doing a love scene with her, this is your show. He waited till the last day of filming to do it, and he was dead within 8 hours. Miss Davis has no comment.

There are hints that he was a Method actor who never let a role end. If he was a rent boy in My Own Private Idaho, he was a hustler who used the same techniques with movie moguls. Keanu Reeves is not consulted.

He was supported two dozen family and friends—and could not extricate himself from parasites and Hollywood users.

He took, in his final hour, a dose 8 times stronger than humanly permissible of cocaine and heroin. They dumped him on the sidewalk outside the Viper Room and let him convulse to death before calling EMTs. Ten minutes likely was too long to wait—and it killed him.

Hot Chili Pepper Flea hints they were lovers (or friends) with no difference discernible.

River may have been a luminous talent, but squandered talent and self-destruction put an end to creativity in short order. He is for a later generation, their James Dean, and like the earlier one, speed killed, though not in the same way.Ri

Sometimes beauty is a passport to hell.




Flea Admits Super Bowl was Faked


NFL Fakery At Work?



It’s official. One hundred million viewers of the Super Bowl were Flea bitten.

Yes, the bass player of the Red Hot Chili Peppers now reveals that they did not really play their instruments, but simply went through the motions.

The singing was live, but the music was canned, like the exuberance shown by the audience. We actually never saw the spectators, only the paid extras who surrounded the stage with Bruno Mars and his Hooligans. They jumped up and down with gay abandon, but were high-octane fakes.

Yes, the NFL pulled a fast one on fans. We have also learned in a related situation that the Bronco quarterback was a simulated version of Peyton Manning.

Richard Sherman was actually replaced by one of the Stepford Wives—but John Fox was left standing there dripping in a wax copy.

We may want to extrapolate the entire NFL season as part of an elaborate ruse to fool most of the people all of the time.

You can’t be sure if those zebras at the game were the old replacement referees.

What is always certain is that the broadcast announcers have been windblown, airbrushed, and photoshopped.

No wonder PED Pete was allowed to let his boys look like crackerjack players.

Like the 1969 Moon landing, the Groundhog Day game left some fans thinking the entire Super Bowl did not take place in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but was shot on a sound stage near Belize with M. Night Shyamalan directing the game like it was a Twilight Zone remake.

It makes us yearn for the old days when wardrobe malfunctions were the worst script idea of the NFL.

 jayne Can We Believe It’s Real?