Fake News & Real Champs

FORTHCOMING BOOK on 2016 New England Patriots

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We never expected our Patriot diary would be more than another exercise in Tomfoolery.

When we began recounting episodes on and off field in the summer of 2016, we had a glimmer of hope that Tom Brady might show his resolve toward the unfair treatment by the NFL and its suspension of him by winning ruthlessly.

We never imagined it would end like a Rocky movie.

Here is our datebook with high and low burlesque, funny and mean-spirited parody, all the ups and downs of a season of football with a group of disparate athletes moving toward one staggering goal.

In a way, this compendium of oddball exploits and commentaries will always return us to the memories of a season begun in adversity and ending in glory.

Like any comic book, this tale has superheroes and nasty villains. There is much stuff here of the Patriots with feats of clay. However, the ultimate measure will be chiseled in marble by the memories of fans.

Let us start this fairy tale with the immortal words….

“Once upon a time in a football galaxy near Foxboro….”roger-brady