Dopey, Dotty Doty: UFO Secret Agent

DATELINE: Another Pseudo-Crypto Agent?

Dopey Doty Rockin’ Robin?

Mirage Men is an antithetical look at UFOs, and it is not popular with true believers in ancient aliens. This documentary makes seers of spacemen look like dupes and fools. In extreme cases, disinformation science has ruined lives—and the key figure in the conspiracy is Mr. Rick Doty.

Yes, the government may be creating false news reports about UFOs for their own nefarious purposes: mostly to discredit reliable reports and people.

To create fake news, we have another one of those oddball low-level government agents, on the lines of Bob Lazar and Edward Snowden. These people have no academic or educational credentials and have risen up through “testing” and merit to positions that cannot be filled by West Point or Annapolis grads.

No one bothers to consider how these bona fide high school graduates are entrusted with the most important work of MJ-12.

The latest is the central figure among the fake news purveyors. Richard C. Doty is another bespectacled, well-spoken figure we cannot figure out. He is the supreme confidence man, drawing in UFOlogists with disinformation and insider knowledge.

In one extreme case, a fellow went “mad” over the secrets Doty purported to share as a colleague “special agent”.

How gullible are people? Doty was some kind of military rank around E-5 level, hardly more than a grunt GI of latrine duty specialization. Who puts these third-rate people in charge of major programs?

His job was to befriend UFO experts, learn what they knew, and then feed them ridiculous info to lead them into wacko territory. He did it even to noted journalist Linda Moulton Howe, who has the scars and indignation to prove it.

Doty may be dotty. Whether he was ever what he claimed or was himself conned by the government to think he was working a special duty, is unknown even till today.

He muddied the waters of crop circles, abduction stories, and other alien activities. We have idiots like this to thank for fake news being believable and pervasive.



Where Do All These Traitors Come From?



Not since Bradley Manning leaked for Wikileak has there been such a controversy. Is Bowe Bergdahl another military traitor? With NSA agent Edward Snowden, we have a triple play.

What has brought on such a spate of treason in America?

Is there a strange case of treason flu reaching epidemic levels?

Or, perhaps, we need to define why it is we find our citizens and government workers turning into the enemy. It sounds like a bad plot for a worse movie.

Not one of these infamous cases is a highly educated young man, but they were put in important jobs at which they reacted badly. Now the government wants to crush them like little bugs. How could such small men become such big problems?

Bergdahl’s freedom was purchased with a bunch of Al-Qaeda bigwigs. It was a steep price for a lowly soldier who simply walked away from his post in Afghanistan. Had he done his dastardly deed at Langley, he’d have been simply AWOL. He walked off the job and walked away from American life.

But, we keep wondering why seemingly normal young men have started to betray (or disagree with) the United States government. What corrosion has so tarnished the principles of the U.S. that these men feel compelled to take a different path.

And, why is our government reacting with staggering vengeance?

You might argue that Manning, Bergdahl, and Snowden, all have mental problems that caused them to behave illogically. You could argue it, but that would make you no better than the NSA or the US Army wanting to crush an ant with a sledgehammer.

If you throw UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar into the mix, you have Dreamland horrors. We have a growing number of young men who distrust, disbelieve, and disdain the government and its leaders. Is there a root cause? Will the real liars please stand up?

blacklistUnusual Suspicions

You could say these young men all violated an oath and show themselves to be unfaithful, but haven’t we built the 21st century on the postulate that you don’t blindly follow—whether it is Nazi saboteurs or al-Qaeda terrorists?

Bergdahl, Lazar, Manning, and Snowden, make us squeamish because they either have the guts to do what others fear, or we have an assembly line of minor players infiltrating our government with the ease of buying a losing lottery ticket.

Terms and Conditions May Terrify



Cullen Hobart has directed the most frightening film of the year. Terms and Conditions May Apply tackles the thorny issue of privacy on the Internet, spying by the government, and the public’s lost freedoms. If you think TV shows like Person of Interest are fiction, you may want to think again.

Most people never read the policies required of joining Facebook, Google, Pandora, let alone certain sex social meeting websites. The National Security Agency—and anyone else with money to buy programs to spy—will have your private information.

Hobart works up to his ambush of Mark Zuckerberg to try to pin down the man who seems to have created a public persona that is a hypocrite. Zuckerberg is in cahoots with the NSA and may hold his Facebook friends in utter contempt.

But he is merely a tool of the government. In the name of preventing terrorism, the greatest terrorists in the world now seem to be agencies that collect your private data.

This film may slip under the radar for most viewers who routinely ignore “Terms and Conditions.” No one reads them, and everyone agrees and submits thoughtlessly. Alas, the damage is done with the help of the Patriot Act.

Zuckerberg thinks hiding your identity is dishonest. Just ask B. Traven, Greta Garbo, J.D. Salinger, and a handful of recluses who have moved to Montana to escape leaving digital footprints.

If you see one documentary this year, it ought to be Hobart’s yeoman effort. He may turn Edward Snowden into a hero, not a villain as Mr. Obama would have it. Yet, few citizens seem to be having apoplexy over the 21st century policies that have rendered Americans victims of their own innocence.


Circuits Overloaded

Closed Circuit


With the revelations provided by Edward Snowden of surveillance and spying on average citizens by mammoth government agencies, it seems we may be in for a spate of cloak and dagger dramas like Closed Circuit.

This tidy nightmare depicts legalities undermined in a British terrorism court case with MI6’s fingerprints all over it.

We must admit we are delighted to see Eric Bana actually in a film that draws on his sharpest acting skills, instead of swords, special effects, and his good looks. He plays Martin Rose, a barrister facing “accidents” or a stage suicide if he digs too deeply into motives of an accused terrorist.

Julia Stiles is aboard as an American journalist, but her role is small enough to be effective and unnerving. She is matched with Jim Broadbent with his several powerful scenes. Claran Hinds also serves his role well as a duplicitous solicitor.

When MI6 has surveillance everywhere, we were reminded of the TV series Person of Interest. The fiction has now been overtaken by the reality.

Rebecca Hall is a colleague of Bana’s—and a former love interest. Together they may uncover a political scandal at a cost to them and their client.

Movies like this one usually are meant to be cautionary tales, but when you are rendered powerless and inconsequential by shadow government agencies, there is not much opportunity for salvation. Closed Circuit reminds us of John LeCarre at his most cynical Cold War espionage tales.

Effective and a bit frightening, this film may be an ultimate downer, a cry that the sky is falling that comes too late.

Deion Branch: Defector and Defective



The original spy who came in from the cold, Bill Belichick, dismissed the information being sold by Deion Branch to the Indianapolis Colts.

The former Patriot and colleague of Tom Brady has gone to the highest bidder for one playoff game. Belichick scoffed at the action.

Without calling Deion’s microfiche and videotapes worthless, Belichick fairly much noted this kind of information is quickly out of date. As in baseball, Belichick will simply change the signs.

Tinkers, tailors, soldiers, and spies are painted with a smiley face only in John LeCarre stories, according to Coach Bill Belichick.

In some ways Belichick sounded a bit like President Obama talking about NSA leaker Edward Snowden. And, we all know how much info he has provided to the world. Some are now urging Obama give Snowden immunity and a medal.

Tom Brady may want to call Deion the spy who loved me, but his departure for the pastures of wherever Luck-would-have-it sounds like a thunderball out of the blue.

Branch lived across the street from Aaron Hernandez for several years, and he never saw anything suspicious. How much of the Patriots playbill did he really see?

Another turncoat named Bob Lazar left Area 51 and blabbed about back engineering captured saucers. Lazar was thoroughly discredited.

We presume that Belichick’s security is actually tighter than at Area 51—but the defection of Deion Branch to the enemy has rattled the Foxboro Security Forces, which is a branch of Mission: Impossible where Deion once toiled.

Belichick’s secret weapon is the denizens of the Weather Channel, not the ones with the underground Weathermen, but the meteorological cadre. An astute observer of weather in New England, Belichick’s strategy is always predicated on which way the wind is blowing.

And, he may as well have announced it on Twitter: Deion Branch is all wet and doesn’t have sense to come in out of the rain.



Bob Lazar & Edward Snowden: Whistleblowing Past the Secrets




Lazar and Snowden: Government Overseers?


If the latest whistleblower (and some claim traitor) seems to ring a familiar note, you may be thinking you’ve seen this guy before.


Indeed, you may have if you followed the 1990s face of Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked at the notorious Area 51, a secret government base where captured flying saucers were being back-engineered.


The face of Edward Snowden, the man who revealed the secret government program to monitor your phone calls, bears a resemblance to other whistleblower.


One is dismissed as a crank, thoroughly discredited for the silliness of his claim. The latest has won recognition at the presidential level as a man who exposed Mr. Obama as the new Nixon.


Most interesting about these two men, born a generation apart, is that they insist that the government has the power to render individuals into dog meat. Lazar and Snowden both attended, but never graduated from, junior colleges. They seem to have climbed into positions of power and authority without qualifications.


Perhaps the biggest scandal is how the NSA, CIA, or other secret programs recruits its workers.


Both men are individualists who answer to the greater public knowledge—to the utter destruction of their personal lives. Indeed, Snowden seems to think a Jason Bourne-style assassin may be hot on his trail.


The theme here is one fiction writers love: a government so powerful and so secretive that we will never believe the worst because it enters the realm of fantasy and lunacy.


Whistleblowers are never popular—and seldom much heralded even by supporters. Just ask John Dean who brought down Richard Nixon.