Lost Gold Claims a Shocking Discovery

DATELINE: Shocking Allegations!

MacArthur & Truman!


With all the hyperbole and exaggeration around this season and the unpleasant and arrogant John Casey who did in his first-season team, it is no surprise that there is a “shocking discovery” on the latest episode.

The expert miners involved once again overrule Casey, feeling he has jumped to conclusions about how easy it will be to find the treasure vault.

The father-son miners are concerned that their robotic dig of a parallel tunnel may uncover gases that can overcome the men.

At the second dig, they have found rope that is clearly not old enough to be from World War II. It is blue nylon, indicating that their dig is not the first. They are finding modern digging tools. Another successful treasure hunter would not have publicized his discovery.

They now think one of three boxes of gold or treasure has been found and taken, but two boxes remain—based on the McDougall map.

Bingo Minerva is hot on the trail of rival searchers back in the United States. He has been encountering dire threats about their safety and a conspiracy that supports covert operators. A New York Times reporter suggests that it is General Douglas MacArthur may have been one o those who found treasure. He at least shared the info with President Harry Truman.

Allegedly Truman and MacArthur used the treasure money to fund U.S. operations against the Soviet. They had over 20,000 tons of gold at their disposal.  It is certainly shocking to learn that the POTUS and his Supreme Commander were taking treasure at will for their nation’s covert operations.

They are warned this search is dangerous. Then, there was carbon dioxide and monoxide that can kill fairly quickly. They have to flush out the poisonous air.

There are sensational shocks this week for sure.

Paul Pierce Paraphrases Douglas MacArthur

 DATELINE: Not Fading Away


After playing his second game against the Celtics this season, Paul Pierce gave a post-game interview in which he let Rondo’s cat out of the bag.

Pierce made his seminal General Douglas MacArthur quote. No, not the one where he wished Rondo a happy birthday, but the one in which he said, “I shall return.”

He is planning on a return to Boston one day—as a player or in some other capacity. “Why not?” he cavalierly throngs of media.

Some people see things as they are and ask why. Paul sees the Celtics as they are and asks, “Why not?”

Is it any wonder that Pierce is the most beloved player on a  rival team in all Boston sports? Why not, indeed.

As soon as his current contract is up, we envision him calling Celtics honcho Danny Ainge and negotiating his return. He will be back to retire his number of course, but this return from the ashes may be something more. Much more.

During the Nets-Celtics game, we fully expected to see Pierce accidentally standing in the wrong huddle—if even for a laugh. He fouled Rondo and chuckled (as did Rondo).

There are two popes living in the Vatican today, and we certainly can see two captains on the Celtics next season.

When Kevin Garnett retires at year’s end, you can expect that Paul will not want to spend another hour with the Nets and their Captain Kidd coach.

On another former Celtic note, Rajon Rondo gave a warm handshake and greeting to gay gate crasher Jason Collins in the pregame social niceties.

Rondo once said a few years back of Collins how much he admired the benchwarmer.

Rondo told the media back when Collins wore green that the center was the only player who memorized all the plays in the Celtics playbook—besides himself, of course.

Former Celtics players always wish Rondo many happy returns.