A Rose By Any Other Name Succumbs to DNA Failure



Rondo Continues to Rehab

With the first month of the NBA season nearly over, the Celtics are firmly established as a .500 team with the actual likelihood to be slightly better—and with the potential to be much better.

And, Rajon Rondo continues to travel with the team. He practices lightly and does all the warmups with his teammates. He looks to be closer and closer to a return to form.

However, a nagging worry cannot be ignored. Derrick Rose had just returned from a year in rehab of his left knee. Then, abruptly, with no contact during the game, his right knee gave out. It was, to some, bad luck, and others saw it as kismet.

With surgery, Rose will miss the entire season. In effect, this cuts two prime years out of his NBA career.

Now we presume Rajon Rondo has watched this debacle of stars out of alignment with silent concentration. Rondo will never share his inner most feelings, but there had to be a myriad of emotions, a mixed salad, upon hearing what happened to his fellow point guard.

The game is a gamble. Any high level physical activity could erupt from bad genes and DNA popping up a weak spot in one’s body. No regimen of preventive care can save you. Rose has discovered his inevitability factor.

Rondo could be like his friend Wes Welker, able to return from torn ACL muscles with aplomb and distinction, a better man.  Or, he could simply be riding into the ambush of another body failure.

There’s nothing to be done: no prevention available to the fates of the universe and the heredity of one’s DNA code. In the parlance of many a philosopher and songwriter, “What will be, will be.”

For Derrick Rose, the ignominious tests him again. For Rajon Rondo, the future remains untested.

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