Tom Brady’s Deal Sent to Limbo


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Tom on the Blacklist?

Unauthorized reports circulated suddenly that the NFLPA offered Roger Goodell a deal to end the Deflategate impasse. You might think this is the first sign that pressures are mounting—and someone’s willpower is shaking.

You would be wrong.

Sent to the Commissioner last week, the Brady sanctioned deal was met with stony silence.

In some instances, you may know that silence is golden. In other ways, silence is death. In the case of the NFL silence is likely the result of not knowing what to do.

Brady’s unaccepted offer apparently suggested that he would pay a hefty fine, but be given no suspension. Buying your way out is a tried and true American strategy, likely the idea of his supermodel, super-rich wife, Giselle Bundchen.

If silence was the response, the NFL was not buying.

And, that, Brady fans, means simply that they want to hang the superstar quarterback. Goodell is paralyzed because several powerful owners want to see their nemesis Brady punished for crimes both committed and uncommitted.

The notion that Brady will have his day in court now appears obvious. And, the NFL will shiver their timbers and swallow hard, egos deflated.

Owners never think that the courts will make them look ridiculous because they are a breed of men who do what they want—legal or not.

So, we are left up in the air, yet again, as training camp is on the horizon—and the great star of his age will be living in limbo, but not yet told to go to hell.