Apollo’s Creed


Rocky VII

Sylvester Stallone won a nomination as a supporting actor for Creed, and it was certainly deserving.

The latest Rocky entry, number VII, if you want to count, may be the last—or maybe not. Rocky is still standing at the end and could re-appear once more with feeling.

You cannot judge this movie on any normal standard of sequels or fight pictures. It really stars the remarkable young Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, son of Rocky Balboa’s great friend and greater opponent in the ring.

If you followed the Rocky series, this film is can’t miss. You will be enthralled and satisfied that Rock has become Paulie. And you surely cannot miss the final climbing of the stairs, as the old wizened boxer thinks a few more have been added to his famous view of Philadelphia.

Among those along for the ride are Phylicia Rashad as Apollo’s widow, and she makes the most of her scenes. Carl Weathers appears in flashes of the past.

The obligatory final match is what you have come to expect from a man against the odds, beaten to a pulp, but ready to spring into victory through inspirations.

In a parallel subplot, Rocky Balboa must fight cancer, through hair loss and weakness, to fight against a new opponent.

As we said, this film cannot be judged by normal standards—and cannot be considered anything but a personal picture for those who followed the Philly boxer for forty years.

Milestones come in many forms. Movies are an important one.