Lurching Forward: Tom Brady in Pasty Pastel

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Les Miserables or Tom in Court

Only in the world Featured imageof Roger Goodell do two wrongs make a right, or perhaps at the Famous Artists School.  The federal court artist that has drawn the short straw for two hearings has put a bullseye around Tom Brady for a second time.

Jane Rosenberg needs a new prescription for her eyeglasses. She did see Tom wink and wave at her. Maybe he needs glasses. The latest Tom smacks of Les Miserables.

Court artiste had a second chance to do a quickie with Tom Brady at the third Deflate-gate hearing. Over the weekend, she practiced and did a dimpled version of Tom that might pass a quick look at midnight in the dark.

Today she claimed that hearing was far too short, a mere five minutes, not giving her time enough to digest the good looks of Tom. She admitted she has trouble with pretty.

A critical eye on the latest Brady rendition is enough to convince us that subjective art tells us more about the artist than the subject she paints.

Here, Tom has improved from Laughton’s Quasimodo and now looks merely like the Addams Family butler, Lurch.

Maybe Ms Rosenberg has a Thing for ugly.

If she wants to design Halloween parties, she may be just the bat out of hell to do it. Her intermediate Tom looked like an outtake of Spartacus with Kirk Douglas.

If we are lucky, Jane Rosenberg will never again have to face an easel and Tom Brady. We suspect her true medium is mud.

There was no settlement in the court case, and the art work has remained unsettling.