Shatner’s UnXplained On Oak Island

 DATELINE: Curses, Foiled by UnXplained!


Gary & Rick Guests on UnXplained!

Last week we had a special episode of Curse of Oak Island that featured William Shatner visiting and researching. Now, on his own History Channel show, Shatner gives us his conclusions and his perspective on the second season operner of UnXplained.

For openers, Shatner sneers at the thought of a curse preventing hunters from finding the treasure. Shatner is quick to point out that no treasure has ever been found, and that obsession seems to be the operative motivation.

History Channel provides its usual consultants to weigh in on the mystery. And, in fact, they even use the same re-enactments that are endlessly repeated on Oak Island series.

Shatner also spends some time discussing pirates who may have left treasure there—and an equal amount of time on the victims who died in the search, including Robert Restall and his son Bobby. It is reported that the gang of Lagina brothers have spent thousands of work hours—and millions of Lagina dollars on the quest.

This leads to the Knights Templar and evidence of their visits to Oak Island. In fact, Shatner’s show discusses Jacques Demolay and his curse placed on the Templar treasure. It resonates with every treasure hunter.

In fact, UnXplained  brings on a few psychologists who do not speak well of treasure hunters–and Ancient Alien  staples show up to confirm mythology lives on Oak Island.

UnXplained takes the position that the curse of Oak Island is the energy, and dark force, that it imposes on all treasure seekers. Is there paranormal stuff here? For the first time, Marty Lagina admits to having some frightful experiences on the island—which he has steadfastly denied on his own series.

Interesting take by one series on another. Our own relatives who lived near Oak Island a hundred years ago always said it was the treasure of Captain Kidd.







In Contempt of Roger Goodell


Featured imageFor Tom from Roger

In case you missed it, a federal judge has held Roger Goodell in contempt for not resolving the Adrian Peterson case. Yup, the Commissioner has been dragging his feet—and the judge has ordered binding arbitration. If that is not achieved, he will hold Goodell in contempt of court.

We hate to say it, but Goodell has contempt for everything and everyone related to football. Why is this man the commissioner?

In a related development, Roger the Dodger reported today that he has no timetable to give a ruling in the Tom Brady/Deflategate appeal. This is two weeks after he said the ruling was coming in a week or so.

Do you have the feeling Goodell is a tad nervous to render his opinion? He now claims he is considering every aspect of Brady’s appeal. “We want to make sure…” he intones. He wants to be sure he won’t be character assassinated. (It’s too late, Roger.)

The contempt is dripping out the corners of his mouth and now can be seen sputtering out of his ears. The man is a walking contempt of athlete’s lifestyle.

All this certainly returns us to our conspiracy theories that someone is trying to do in Tom Brady, if not the entire Patriots organization.

Do other owners have so much contempt for the winners of a Super Bowl?

Is the contempt coming from the media? They love a controversy

This leaves us with the prime suspect once again in the Commissioner’s office. Who do we know with contempt for Tom Brady? Hmmm, that’s a tough one. If you give us a few more weeks we think we might have a candidate, more or less, in a general sense of the word.