Red, White & Boo Sox

DATELINE: Trump Hits for the Cycle!

King John Henry & King Trump Kings: John Henry & Trump!

Donald Trump did not disinvite this team from his chicken-wing fast-food White House. That’s likely because the Red Sox self-determined that players of color (who actually were the heart and soul of the World Series) chose to avoid the ceremony.

Unlike other times, Trump did not blanch white at the idea that players of color showed him disrespect. He seemed pleased.

So, who did show up? The team insists that these winners are not losers in the race divide of America. Yet, we begin to wonder if the team we see on the field this season will amount to a hill of white fava beans.

Sean Spicer, Sox fan and former White House official, was stopped at the door for being a media member. So much for the goldfish memory of Trump’s team.

You cannot have half the Red Sox team in discord against the other half—well, you can, but these are not repeat winners. This year they appropriately stink up Fenway Park.

These are the whiter than white Red Sox from the town where black players have repeatedly complained about racist taunts from the fans.

The billionaire ownership has dismissed these failings in the fans. Indeed, one owner, named Tom Werner, was the man who hired Bill Cosby and defended him against all the charges made by women whose legal redress sent the Coz to jail. The other supercilious owner is King John Henry VIII whose elitism may rival Trump. You’ll never catch John Henry in a massage parlor like his fellow billionaire owner, Robert Kraft.

Trump did not breathe the name of Alex Cora, the Puerto Rican manager, who has lambasted the racism of Trump. You’d not find any White House credit given to the man whom Boston media and fans lauded as the reason for the World Series victory in 2018.

Red Sox white nationalist supporters claim that baseball is apolitical. The question is what exactly is an apolitical sport? As we recall, the origins of baseball were that it was a game for “white gentlemen.”

Black leagues were separate and kept unequal for 100 years. The Red Sox, we remind you, were the last major league team to integrate. Pumpsie Green was their first black player—and he sat on the bench for years.

Welcome to the White House, you white suck-up Sox.




Olympic Taxation Without Representation

DATELINE: Boston 2024 Olympic Loser


A group designated to choose the city to represent the United States as a site for the 2024 Olympics has made its decision. And the nominee is….

And, the result is a shock. It’s as if the two front-runners for best actress have spit the majority of votes, allowing a pedestrian candidate to slip through the cracks.

That seems to be the best way to describe the choice of Boston, Massachusetts, as the city best able to represent the U.S. Did someone say sports humor?

Sexy metropolises are out of fashion nowadays, and boring small-minded cities like Hamburg, East Oshkosh, Poughkeepsie, and Boston are the candidates of choice.

The final decision of a host city won’t occur until 2017, so Boston has plenty of time to embarrass itself and prove the ineptitude of the selection.

When voters learn that there is a hefty tax bill that the overburdened citizen must pay, the college student set will protest that the older generation is money-oriented and the Olympics are about youthful talent.

People who don’t think are whole-heartedly for Boston.

A referendum is sure to follow when such a momentous decision is left up to politicians and businessmen in the proverbial backroom making a deal.

As for a good sports venue, you can always send the Red Sox out of town for three weeks. The Ice Capades always sent the Bruins on a prolonged West Coast road trip.

Big Money takes precedence over smaller money.

If you thought the building of casinos near Boston set people on edge, or that the Big Dig was a mere bagatelle, you will love the coming of the Olympics.

Now we need a new Paul Revere to ride from North Church to set off the alarms: “The tax increases are coming! The Tax Increases Are Coming!”