Ancient Aliens: an Elemental Approach

DATELINE:  Return of Bob Lazar

out there

“Element 115” was once a fantasy of UFO metal worker Bob Lazar, but now it has come true like a Cinderella story.

Giorgio sort of falls by the wayside for this show, and more attention is given to Nick Pope and David Childress as commentators. However, the latest addition to the expert gang is some producer of a Bob Lazar documentary. They clean this guy up, but he is still creepy.

So, Ancient Aliens recycles footage from Bob Lazar’s recent new documentary interview, which featured a raid by FBI/NSA/CIA and other alphabet acronyms. It appears he suggested he had kept a sample of this highly unstable element.

According to Ancient Alien theorists who have been taking the road to the stars for over a decade, this stuff was deliberately given to mankind to help join the member community of space patrols across the galaxy.

The notion is posed that two UFO crashes in 1947 were staged in Russia and the US in order to magnanimously bestow each with another reason to compete.

This allegedly will lead to peaceful exploration of outer space by providing humans with a fuel that alters the time/space continuum.

Ancient Aliens gives the show over to author Mike Bara and Travis Taylor to visit a Hollywood special effects lab and analyze some recent UFO footage released (suspiciously) by the Pentagon. They contend the government is giving us the drip by drip information that we are not alone.

The upshot is that, if the new Element 115 can be made to remain in a shot glass for more than a gulp or two, we can conquer the solar system and beyond.

We’ll drink to that.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

DATELINE:  The More Things Change….

twins Guess Which Bad Penny?

Thirty years ago the bespectacled scientist burst onto the UFO scene by exposing the US government as having spaceships from another world hidden in Nevada. At least that was the gambit.

This new motion picture of Bob Lazar has a title that is interestingly punctuated: no commas required. When the title’s style is of interest, the rest of the movie may not be. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.

After a whirlwind of dangerous controversy, Bob Lazar disappeared into the mists of the 1980s like a rock video from MTV. Like Edward Snowden, he was unverifiable, having claimed his identity was erased by the government’s black ops. He feared he would be erased.

So, he went underground and refused to have anything to do with George Knapp and the UFO radio network that later evolved into Ancient Aliens and a cottage industry of crypto-science.

Now he returns like a bad penny in a new documentary.

He looks fairly much the same as ever:  characteristic eyeglasses now over a weather-beaten face. He has not gained a pound in 30 years, which may be due to alien technology.

The big questions remain: who is he? What motivated him? And why has he returned? This 90-minute film recaps much of the past but reveals not much of the present.

He seems prosperous, running some kind of science lab in Middle America. He has not gone into Witness Protection and is not living in abject fear. MJ-12 has not assassinated him. However, he is almost immediately raided by the FBI upon re-emergence. Somebody is watching.

Having successfully hidden for 30 years, we wonder why he would throw himself back into the breach. There is no answer, except the profits of the movie producers. He really has nothing more to offer, other than to provide a final chapter to the circus of his earlier life.

This is a slick, but ultimately empty documentary that covers old ground with a fresh, new coat of paint on un-Groomed Lake.

Where Do All These Traitors Come From?



Not since Bradley Manning leaked for Wikileak has there been such a controversy. Is Bowe Bergdahl another military traitor? With NSA agent Edward Snowden, we have a triple play.

What has brought on such a spate of treason in America?

Is there a strange case of treason flu reaching epidemic levels?

Or, perhaps, we need to define why it is we find our citizens and government workers turning into the enemy. It sounds like a bad plot for a worse movie.

Not one of these infamous cases is a highly educated young man, but they were put in important jobs at which they reacted badly. Now the government wants to crush them like little bugs. How could such small men become such big problems?

Bergdahl’s freedom was purchased with a bunch of Al-Qaeda bigwigs. It was a steep price for a lowly soldier who simply walked away from his post in Afghanistan. Had he done his dastardly deed at Langley, he’d have been simply AWOL. He walked off the job and walked away from American life.

But, we keep wondering why seemingly normal young men have started to betray (or disagree with) the United States government. What corrosion has so tarnished the principles of the U.S. that these men feel compelled to take a different path.

And, why is our government reacting with staggering vengeance?

You might argue that Manning, Bergdahl, and Snowden, all have mental problems that caused them to behave illogically. You could argue it, but that would make you no better than the NSA or the US Army wanting to crush an ant with a sledgehammer.

If you throw UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar into the mix, you have Dreamland horrors. We have a growing number of young men who distrust, disbelieve, and disdain the government and its leaders. Is there a root cause? Will the real liars please stand up?

blacklistUnusual Suspicions

You could say these young men all violated an oath and show themselves to be unfaithful, but haven’t we built the 21st century on the postulate that you don’t blindly follow—whether it is Nazi saboteurs or al-Qaeda terrorists?

Bergdahl, Lazar, Manning, and Snowden, make us squeamish because they either have the guts to do what others fear, or we have an assembly line of minor players infiltrating our government with the ease of buying a losing lottery ticket.

Bob Lazar & Edward Snowden: Whistleblowing Past the Secrets




Lazar and Snowden: Government Overseers?


If the latest whistleblower (and some claim traitor) seems to ring a familiar note, you may be thinking you’ve seen this guy before.


Indeed, you may have if you followed the 1990s face of Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked at the notorious Area 51, a secret government base where captured flying saucers were being back-engineered.


The face of Edward Snowden, the man who revealed the secret government program to monitor your phone calls, bears a resemblance to other whistleblower.


One is dismissed as a crank, thoroughly discredited for the silliness of his claim. The latest has won recognition at the presidential level as a man who exposed Mr. Obama as the new Nixon.


Most interesting about these two men, born a generation apart, is that they insist that the government has the power to render individuals into dog meat. Lazar and Snowden both attended, but never graduated from, junior colleges. They seem to have climbed into positions of power and authority without qualifications.


Perhaps the biggest scandal is how the NSA, CIA, or other secret programs recruits its workers.


Both men are individualists who answer to the greater public knowledge—to the utter destruction of their personal lives. Indeed, Snowden seems to think a Jason Bourne-style assassin may be hot on his trail.


The theme here is one fiction writers love: a government so powerful and so secretive that we will never believe the worst because it enters the realm of fantasy and lunacy.


Whistleblowers are never popular—and seldom much heralded even by supporters. Just ask John Dean who brought down Richard Nixon.