Money Doesn’t Talk to Roger Goodell

DATELINE: Billionaire Acres

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Roger Goodell was cornered by an inept reporter at the notorious Sun Valley, Idaho, Billionaire’s Club meeting this week. He must be an honorary member, or went as Bob Kraft’s date.

Oh, crafty old Bob Krafty never misses these social events. It’s an opportunity to rub shoulders and pick pockets of other bubble-headed billionaires.

You have more than sports moguls traipsing around the snowless grounds of a great ski town in mid-summer. You have Facebook, Amazon, and other major corporation movers and shakers. Apparently there are few places billionaires can go to take the pulse of their fellow control freaks.

Have they come together to discuss Tom Brady and Delfategate?

Well, an enterprising reporter there seemed oblivious to other major cultural and political decisions that may be coming out of such a meeting. We may be witnessing how money talks.

However, sports takes precedence over all else. The reporter asked her question of Roger Goodell about the Patriots owner, but had to receive a stagewhisper prompt from one of the other losers among the winners. She couldn’t recall Kraft’s name.

Instead, she asked Goodell when he was making a decision on Deflategate and if he discussed it with his good buddy, Bob Kraft, during their perambulations.

Goodell was non-plussed, as befits a millionaire among billions.

He tried to be affable, but stopped to throw out a few bon mots to the hoi polloi. He noted that he had not discussed the major scandal of trivial proportions with the owner of the Patriots. He also said, to the mouth-watering semi-journalists who cover such events, that he could have a decision next week.

How the trivial has become the dominant issue! Do we think Goodell is hearing that he has made a molehill a mountain big enough for Sun Valley?