Inner Circle of Jeffrey Epstein

DATELINE: Friends in High Places

Ghislaine Maxwell and friends.

The second part of the Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein  series delves into his close associates, while hinting that his accumulation of wealth may have been by fraud.

Epstein skates away from every investigation by dint of his personality, or bank account. His true rise to superpower came from a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, a daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell. She came to Epstein at a low point: her father died in a strange boating accident, some suggesting he was a spy for Israel and was assassinated.

Ghislaine moved into the New York residence, becoming his partner in sex crimes—procuring young girls. She was also a bon vivant and knew everyone from royals to movie stars, to celebrities of all stripes.

She and Epstein had pinhole cameras in every residence and amused themselves with video scenes of the rich and famous at parties, in bedrooms, on the private jet, and wherever Epstein set them up.

A few girls tried to escape—but they found his long reach of checkbooks would thwart any FBI or prosecution. In fact, he had a future Trump cabinet official in his hip pocket when he was a mere Palm Beach prosecutor.

Girls were plucked out of Trump’s Winter White House, the notorious Mar-a-lago. One 14-year old named Virginia Roberts began a nightmare relationship with Epstein, only escaping to Thailand when he ordered her to bring back a 12-year old girl.

By the new century, Epstein had broadened his social world to Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and scores of the richest men in the world. He redefined himself as a philanthropist despite a conviction as a pedophile. He was tied to MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, as a big donor to research. Many fell prey to his clever manipulations.

Once ensnared, many famous men were likely unable to break out unless there was payment of some sort.

Bill Gates Joins the Epstein Denial Club

DATELINE: LOL Lolita Express!

 Yuck or Yikes?

Lest we stir up a hornet’s nest of billionaire idiots, we want to castigate Bill Gates right out of the gate.

This week we learned that this richest man on earth type is either an idiot or thinks we are idiots. He denies he was a friend (close or otherwise) of pedophile suicide Jeffrey Epstein.

The frequent flier mileage and chronic visits to Epstein were all strictly for philanthropic reasons: not personal and not business.

Gates does write to a friend that he met a beautiful woman and her young daughter at Epstein’s manse and decided to spend the day. Hunh?

This is like Trump saying that he knew Epstein liked women, especially younger ones, and they shared that interest. Grab’em while they’re hot.

Nowadays, with money to revise history, these billionaire bozos are hiring PR men and women to whitewash the facts.

How illiterate are these clowns?

That seems to be the only excuse: each, even President Clinton, flew on Epstein’s rock and roll private jet, dubbed “Lolita Express.”

Not one had the literary acumen to recognize Nabokov’s pedophile object of desire. Not one asked why the plane was named after a pre-pubescent girl. Not one had seen the two movies on the subject, yes, titledLolita.

How lacking in curiosity can they be? Enough to know that ignorance is bliss; deniability is paramount in the world of billionaires trying to get away with murder, suicide, and pedophilia.

We have had our fill of dumb-bunny, Playboy bunny-loving rich dopes. Go to the back of the line, Gates and Trump.

Here Comes Billionaire Mr. Michael Jordan!


Today we learned that Michael Jordan, once played by wife killer Michael Jace in a 1999 movie, has reached an exalted plateau in the world.

Though he is considered #1 in the NBA and probably even higher in the world of advertising, here comes Mr. Jordan to a list of distinction. Heaven can wait, and so can trying to fit through the eye of a needle.

If you are old enough to remember the 400 of New York society, you probably are cringing over the 500 world billionaires. Yes, it’s an exclusive club being in the top 1% of wealth.

You know that group probably through some of its publicity hound members, like the demented Donald Sterling and the philanthropic Bill Gates.

Yes, this week the careful investing and uncareful endorsing of many products has rendered Michael Jordan as the latest billionaire. Apparently he gets in under the wire, but what’s a few hundred thousand when you are dunking $999 million.

As impressive a feat as Jordan’s vertical leap into the club of Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet, he has simply taken too long to be self-made. We heard this week that Lebron James may reap in $300million for a deal on one of his investments, thus making him a possible billionaire while still toiling on the courts of the NBA for a living.

Most billionaires own the franchise and don’t play for it.

Of course, Michael Jordan never let being a billionaire cramp his style. Mr. James may be king for a day or two, but if he has another Finals cramp, his style will be sorely hurt. No amount of money can buy your way out of that kind of bad publicity.

If you feel compelled to congratulate either of these men for being self-made success stories, be advised that there is little Old Money floating around nowadays. Most billionaires have made it the old-fashioned way: they earned it doing tacky TV. Just ask Donald Trump or Mark Cuban.