Obtuse Time in America


Featured imageAmericans Try On Dunce Cap

Obuse is a word we feel compelled to apply to large numbers of Americans.

At a Trump rally, one ‘informed’ voter rose to ask a question. Now, we presume these questions are all plants. Apparently not in the Trump camp. Perhaps they will start to better control their questioners.

This nitwit rose to discuss the “Muslim” problem. We know from that tone that he has a final solution to the problem of Muslims. Whether there are innocent people out there or not.

He also prefaced his inane comments with the notion that President Obama is a Muslim, “as everyone knows.”

Hunh? Where do voters receive their information? Not from Mr. Trump who apparently did not feel the comment deserved correction. In his defense Donald Trump claimed not to hear the opening words of the question in the large hall with its bad acoustics. We suppose that is possible.

Then in Boston on the same day, the media asked the next door neighbor to Baby Doe why she never realized the poster child and the girl in the next apartment were the same dead child.

This bright light claimed that she was not among the 55 million people who saw the poster and artist rendition of Baby Doe. It was shockingly accurate to the real pictures released later in the day. It was on TV nearly daily for 85 days.

We should not be surprised that media saturation and social media dominance has left people out there living in total ignorance. Stupid is a form of obtuse. These people are too dense to hear or to see information. They have no curiosity and/or interest in what the media presents. They watch with one eye and listen without hearing.

These are registered voters. Heaven help America. Just ask that Dallas student named Ahmed what time it is.