Loyal Opponent Cromartie Defends Brady

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Antonio Cromartie, no fan of Tom Brady, and a key member of the dreaded New York Jets, came out and defended Tom Brady against the Goodell suspension. He believes the suspension is an arbitrary judgment of a dangerous commissioner.

You have here an example of an honorable opponent. Cromartie earned our respect with his loyal opposition attitude. Yet, he is a man with a clear vision of what fairness is all about. He said Brady should have received only a fine.

He feels no player is safe with such a dictator running the show. He thinks Goodell makes up rules to suit his own ego.

Cromartie spoke all this on an interview at ESPN with the notorious Stephen A. Smith sitting on his right.

Smith is the shill that the NFL called to leak that Brady destroyed his phone. Smith obliged and put out a damning report, not fair or balanced. But, the NFL knew the right man to take a personal attack on Brady to his heart. Smith is a tool of the first order for the NFL.

As Cromartie spoke his support for a man he usually disdains, Smith sat there silent and looking slightly uncomfortable, if not sick to his stomach. He hid behind dark glasses, and true to form, was too gutless to speak up. He was not about to contradict or question Cromartie who made Smith look like the fool he is.

It is just another day for injustice unsheathed. Some people show they are standup guys, and others are slime that seeps down into the ground.