Antarctica: Year on Ice

DATELINE:  Cold Beauty

 Not Mars.

When a New Zealand photographer named Anthony Powell  decided to document life on Antarctica, he knew he had to go for one full year in order to show what is there and to experience the stunning dangers of life at the bottom of the Earth.

It is called A Year on Ice.

Anarctica is amazing in many ways of natural beauty, but the 5000 people who live there from 30 different countries are likely to be as weird as the location.

It takes a special schizoid personality to deal with close quarters in shoddy little ice towns like McMurdo. If you have a short-temper, you may be in big trouble. These people seem to have given up family and civilization for adventure, but many return after the short summer. It is those 700 who remain for the long, dark winter who are truly strange people.

We see childish games, memory issues from living in a world upside down (June and July have no sunlight). Your sun usually travels horizontally across the horizon. It does not rise. They lose ability to judge, but forge bonds you might never expect.

Spectacular sights greet them. It is silent there when the wind does not blow. We mean soundless. You can speak in a whisper and sound like you’re shouting. The plains of volcanic rock stretch endlessly. Most places are like Mars, and most places have never had a human imprint or footprint.

In darkness you have waves of green drapes in the sky: the aurora borealis is staggering and endless, bringing some visitors to tears. They cannot help animals in distress—for that breaks the prime directive to leave the place pristine. All trash and human remnants are shipped out.

We found the lack of discussion about medical treatment to be alarming. For six months you are trapped, and there seem to be no provisions for medical emergencies—which would preclude anyone with a health issue from going there.

Antarctica is something to behold—from the safe distance of a documentary like this one.





Blue Book Ends 2ndSeason

DATELINE: To be or not to be…

 It’s Cold out There.

The end of the History Channel non-truth in advertising series may be at hand. Project Blue Book, which has gone off the deep end, goes the distance in the final show of the 2ndseason by dealing with USOs and the Antarctica connection.

Once again, in 1953, Senator John F. Kennedy seems to wield more power than a junior senator might—and he is now giving orders to Project Blue Book personnel, sending Dr. Hyneck and Captain Quinn off to a North Atlantic goose chase.

We have to tie together all the loose ends to make a genuine cliff-hanger and to let the actors all know that, if the series returns, they will be part of it. We suspect all of this is as doubtful as the basis on truth in the episodes this season.

You have paranoiac admirals running military exercises and dumbfounded that such an idea as UFOs is in their crew.

You have the blonde Russian agent asking to see Dr. Hyneck’s wife to renew their lesbian association, in front of the generals yet.

And, of course, we have Hyneck now ready to prevent World War III single-handed when his colleague Mike Malarkey steals a submersible and goes diving to find the glory of underwater space city.

The show ends fittingly with the hint that Captain Quinn has merely been abducted and kidnapped to Antarctica where he no doubt will meet up with the cast of Ancient Aliens and a few Nazis.

Whether this show returns next year is doubtful more than any of this non-compelling story lines.




Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice

DATELINE: Linda Moulton Howe 

One of the foremost female investigators in the UFO business is Linda Moulton Howe. Now she is acting like an auteur: directing, writing, producing, editing, and narrating her own special documentary on Antarctica: Secrets Beneath the Ice.

She astounds with her no-nonsense journalism.

With two whistleblowers with their identities in secret too, we have Lt. Commander Navy Seals telling us what they encountered: six giant facilities going miles under the ice at the South Pole. These giant levels are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

A coalition of governments have conspired to keep all this secret—and have done so since the days of the Cold War, which apparently thawed in Antarctica.

Howe also manages to extract shocking details that the Sphinx is part of the seven races of aliens who have been involved in Earth development. Some feel we have outlived our usefulness and want to be rid of the vermin on the planet. A few others want to protect us.

Howe learns the Sphinx is 35,000 years old and other pyramids with more information are buried under tons of sand.

If this is not enough, we learn that there are portals or instant wormholes on Earth, dozens of them known to the secret nation coalition. A few go from Alaska to Pearl Harbor. Some may go deep into the universe, or other universes!

If you want more shocks, this documentary has them all, including a trade agreement and space force that is out there on the dark side of the Moon. Apparently Trump and Putin have much in common with their secret alien allies.

And, yes, the Nazis clearly were in Antarctica and in contact with one of the destructive alien races that wants to diminish Earth’s population.

We seldom say that a documentary like this requires an additional viewing, but there was much to digest in this hour-long expose.