American Pie and Racism

DATELINE: Stopping Black Candidates at Any Cost?

imbeciles at work Go Suck on a Georgia Peach!

Like many deluded Americans, we thought racism, like smallpox, had been eradicated. Well, smallpox is back—and so is racism, thanks to a president who encourages it.

Racism, a sign at Fenway Park said, last year is “as American as baseball.”  The sign was quickly removed, but its sentiment remains. No World Series victory deodorizes this stink.

Trump has encouraged white nationalists to arm themselves and travel to the border of Mexico to shoot unarmed women and children if they dare to cross the line in the dirt.

Your president (well, someone’s president Trump) has insulted every black woman he can find: latest is Michelle Obama whom he contends writes a book for money and must put in controversy. Those are his values all right. You only act for money. In most morality, that’s called bribery.

Trump has called every black female journalist he meets stupid, which goes with his view of black Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Gee, do we see a pattern here? Not if you live in Florida.

In Georgia, another Georgia Peach is running for governor and hates black women like his opponent Abrams. We note only that the original Georgia Peach was a virulent racist, so Kemp is in a grand old party tradition.

In the Citrus state where Anita Bryant used to spew hate, you now have resident Trump furious that his boy Rick Scott is having the election stolen. Trump’s other stooge, DeSantis, is forming a transition team to take over. It used to be called a coup d’etat, now it’s called a recount.

Racism is as American as the grandiose old party that kicked out Lincoln years ago.

It’s rather unusual for American history to have a robber baron and grand wizard rolled into one orange-hair orangutan in the “Whiter than White House.”

Duck Dynasty: Geneaology of Gay Bashers



Phil Robertson joins the Anita Bryant Fan Club.

Vladimir Putin has found a soulmate in Phil Robertson.

Russia’s anti-gay leader is not alone in his views. The Duck Dynasty hillbilly (or whatever regional bayou Bible-thumpers are called) seems to have a kinship with the former Soviet Union KGB thug.

We feel as if we are being unkind to Jethro Bodine and Jed Clampitt when we lump Phil Robertson into the same group.

Americans always look to uneducated fools to best represent their philosophical freedom. Anti-intellectualism in America starts at the door of gay liberation.

Most evangelicals like Robertson are named Pat, not Phil.

His views are tolerated under the umbrella of free speech. This apparently also covers yelling epithets at the guy hanged by the ones dressed in fashionable white sheets.

Phil Robertson has become the new Anita Bryant. She made orange juice the new black back in the 1970s.

You almost need to look at NSA snoopers under your bed to understand why people are so quick to lynch their neighbors.

The greater issue here is why Americans turn to TV shows like Duck Dynasty to find something holy about the return to innocence.

Quacks by any other name are daffy duck killers. Phil Robertson would eat his match if Daffy and Bugs made him the new Elmer Fudd.