Brazil, Where the Nuts Are!

DATELINE: Beyond the Twilight Zone

acting chops Whose Acting Chops?

If you thought nutcase movies are here today, you are about 30 years off. Brazil is a movie aficionado’s fantasy and nightmare, defying convention and logic. You just passed the signpost of Ipanema.

Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) went out of his way to make the Citizen Kane of kookoo-bird movies in 1985.

This was no small achievement as the film holds up as beyond modern and relevant. Its madness may yet to be realized in the future.

Like Blade Runner, the future is the past. There is an aura of 1940s film noir interspersed with superhero comic fantasy.

Jonathan Pryce is some bureaucrat by day and by night, in his dreams, some kind of flying circus performer out to save a damsel in distress. In the meantime, he works in mindless government agencies that are after Harry Tuttle (Robert DeNiro) in an early comedic performance as a heating engineer who is a wanted man for doing duct work without a license.

Pryce’s mother Ida Lowry is played by the youth-conscious Katherine Helmond in a face-stretching performance with Jim Broadbent, as her fey plastic surgeon, striving for tighter skin.

Included in the shenanigans are such familiar faces as Bob Hoskins, Ian Holm, Michael Palin, and Ian Richardson. If they wanted to kick off the unorthodoxy of their careers, this film is definitely the forerunner.

If you want a plot, you will fall into a black hole and likely be stretched to kingdom come.

You can ride the wave of this movie from one loony tune moment to the next, not bothering to connect the dots or the scenes. It’s like being in the Trump Administration: you just sit back and experience the Cinerama of movie magic to the mambo-jumbo notes of the song “Brazil.”

Heavens, or is that Land of Goshen?

Tom Brady’s Plastic Surgery


Featured image  Before and After a Little Work

Tom, we hardly knew ye.

There may be many ways to deal with one’s 38th birthday—or Deflategate fallout.

Take Tom Brady for instance. He apparently accompanied his wife to Paris sometime this summer for a secret rendezvous with the best face workers in the business.

All that criticism of the court artist Jane Rosenberg appears unfounded, as she simply drew the new Botox Brady. He does not look quite the same as before as the after picture shows.  We’ve seen bad Hollywood surgeons at work. We all remember Michael Jackson, Meg Ryan, and Mickey Rourke.

However, we never thought we’d have to add Tom Brady’s name to the A-list of Sunset Boulevard specters

Though he had a few wrinkles and crinkles around his eyes and deep into his brow, he still had that boyish handsomeness. Now, he is smooth, like a Photoshopped Youtube darling. And, he is chiseled, but somehow it does not look quite right.

We almost feel like the botox won’t let him crack a smile or frown, lest he smash into a thousand tiny bits. We fear that Tom may now have to start shaving about two inches behind his ears.

We will no doubt be castigated by fans who disbelieve their eyes. Worse, we will be told it is none of our business about the cosmetic work done to maintain youth and vigor in the private life of Tom Brady.

We could not agree more. We merely point out that, as we always do, that the emperor has no clothes. It always turns out to be more embarrassing for us than for the Emperor.

We love Tom Brady, and he earned all those wrinkles, crinkles, and sags and bags. We will miss them.