If South Carolina Can Take Down a Flag…

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Goodell & Kraft Pitch New Deflategate Cartoon to Disney CEO 

The South removed its Confederate flag this week. We expect that the NFL can drop an overblown and under-inflated penalty against Tom Brady. The answer is no longer blowing in the wind. The Confederate flag has been shipped to a museum.

Of course, New England is not South Carolina. And Roger Goodell is not exactly a rocket scientist.

When faced with a genuine horrible person, namely one Greg Hardy, the NFL initially suspended him ten games. He has guns, been convicted of assault and battery on a girlfriend, and now he has bamboozled Roger Goodell.

Instead of ten games, the suspension was dropped to four games.

Ah, that number again. Roger has played that number at roulette more often than any other. Every suspension nowadays is four games, no matter what the infraction.

Take the dastardly Tom Brady who let one pound of air out of a football. He has been portrayed in the media as the new Shylock, and there is only Jeffrey Kessler pleading for the quality of mercy.

Roger Goodell is the Shylock in this play. When you let Greg Hardy, a thug and arrogant twit, walk and likely commit another assault down the road, you have an imbecile wearing a blindfold while he metes out justice.

Yeah, blindness is a plus in football.

Do we expect a 60% drop in Tom’s suspension when Goodell manages to read the tea leaves? That would put Tom down to one and a half games.

We hear the court docket moving with all deliberate speed toward the Supreme Court of the land and wheels of justice turning as they run over Roger Goodell.