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Cheap Jokes for Sale! We write movie reviews with an irreverent attitude.

Our whimsical tone has reached its nadir.

Humor may be the nectar of the gods, but there are no jokes in the Nazcar Lines in Peru.

Too often we confuse drollery with foppery.

Readers are becoming lost in our malapropisms. And we have bitten off too much biting irony.

When you want the very best (or worst) in humor, give Ossurworld a shout.

Want cheap jokes? Inquire within where you will find dumb puns, off-kilter literary references, and dizzying gallows humor.

We average twelve one-liners per blog and have the most dense, cram-packed, joke-to-joke ratio this side of TMZ.

Yet, we are the most misunderstood of all writers: we are the epitome of whimsy.

elephant man

Dr. William Russo has written several movie history books. Among his most popular is TALES OF A TITANIC FAMILY, a biography of two benighted men, Percival and son Richard White, former owners of his home. Of his serious books,  A Thinker’s Damn: Audie Murphy, Vietnam, and the Making of The Quiet American (reissued as AUDIE MURPHY IN VIETNAM) is a perennial favorite. For those who told us to go haunt a house, we have a book on that: HAUNTING NEAR VIRTUOUS SPRING and GHOSTS OF MILL CIRCLE. Latest investigative work has results in MURDER AT MILL CIRCLE, in which we attempt to use genealogical information to solve a murder that took place on July 4, 1826.  Yes, we admit it: we live in a haunted house with four ghosts. Russo has told his paranormal story in books like TITANIC MYSTERIES AT MILL CIRCLE and CHESS-MATE FROM TITANIC!


  Ossurworld books are available on Amazon.com and are suitable for tablets and smart readers.

6 responses

  1. Very glad that somebody else saw the snub of Craig Tester by author Sullivan on Oak Island
    I am upset that the brothers continued the snub by almost completly ignoring him. It ****** me off then and even more as time goes passes


  2. Erin Helton started out great but screwed up her presentation big time. When she first shows 15A it is in line with the east west markers and she refers to it as the “west anchor”. Later, her “X” to find the money pit shows 15A in a different position AND she draws a circle around the west anchor, which is different from 15A. Neither the new 15A nor the newly labeled “west anchor” are in the same place as the original 15A that is in line with the east-west markers. So, if they found stones “exactly” where Erin said they would be, did she maybe adjust her expectations based on what the lidar showed ? If the east-west marker is off by 5/100 of a degree, one would expect the rocks to be dead-on, not sort-of-close. Discovering the east/west markers was significant but it seems botched from there.

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